Social dining at local foodies' houses

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Being vegetarians we always have problem finding good Korean food in the restaurants. Not only our host cooked an amazing vegetarian Korean dinner, but, she also told us that this is authentic as Koreans do have a lot of vegetarian meals. It was an awesome experience - delicious home cooked food and interesting conversation. Highly Recommended!

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I had a great evening, meeting new friends and enjoying the food and wine. Everybody comes from different parts of the world and it was nice to be able to sit down and enjoy a casual evening. We chatted as if we had known each other before and it was certainly very relaxing.

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PlateCulture connects people who love cooking & hosting dinners with people who love eating authentic home cooked meals. Each dinner is a unique experience where people can share food, discover new cultures and build friendships from all over the world.

Guests have a unique opportunity to try an authentic home cooked meal at the host‘s home - whether it be Mexican, Malay, Lithuanian or any other authentic world cuisine. It is all about getting a real picture of different cultures.

Hosts can showcase their culinary skills and meet interesting people without leaving the comfort of their kitchen. Quite literally, we fit the entire world in the kitchens.