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    Audra P.

    The evening at Jen's was an extraordinary experience. It was like a savory trip. Absolutely mouth watering mushroom tartlets, and for finale an impressive show with french crepes on fire. Beautiful evening with good company.

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    Lydia K.

    Want a taste of Mauritius but you can't afford a plane ticket? Check out Shiksa's wonderful offering of Creole, Indian and European cuisine. Using ingredients sourced from local market and Mauritius, Shiksa cooks up a meal that will teleport you to the sandy beaches of Mauritius. Hospitable and beautiful, Shiksa explains how the food come about. She serves divine desserts too that are oh-so-heavenly!

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    Without the brilliance of Plate Culture I would never have discovered the magic of Alan and Tamara’s dumplings, thanks again!

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    Dinner at Leticia and Emre was very unexpected and pleasant experience. I quickly learnt just how seriously the hosts were taking their Turkish food, with most of the ingredients having been brought over from Turkey. We snacked on some plump Turkish olives, homemade hummus and homemade baba ganoush served with crispy french bread. We don't know what we did to deserve such great hospitality, with such genuinely interesting, lovely people, but thank you Plate Culture for bringing everyone together.

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    Melissa L.

    I never thought having home-cooked nasi lemak from healthy, organic ingredients could taste this good! Young and friendly lad, good cook & great food, all in one night! What more can you ask for?

About PlateCulture

PlateCulture connects people who love cooking & hosting dinners with people who love eating authentic home cooked meals. Each dinner is a unique experience where people can share food, discover new cultures and build friendships from all over the world.

Guests have a unique opportunity to try an authentic home cooked meal at the host‘s home - whether it be Mexican, Malay, Lithuanian or any other authentic world cuisine. It is all about getting a real picture of different cultures.

Hosts can showcase their culinary skills and meet interesting people without leaving the comfort of their kitchen. Quite literally, we fit the entire world in the kitchens.

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