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    When a passionate cook steps into the kitchen and put her creativity and love for cooking at work, you get to enjoy not only home cooked food at its best, but also food that is so rich in flavour that gives you the satisfaction you have been craving for. That is what you get at Stacey's and trust me, she never disappoints. I have always anticipated what Stace is going to serve next on her menu because there is always something exciting and different yet healthy to look forward to. I love the mushroom spinach tart that she made and will always be a big fan of that. With so much of fun, booze and laughter at her dining table, I don't see why you should miss out on this opportunity to try it out for yourself :)

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    Her spread was a variety of flavours and features from dishes around the world made very interestingly and satisfying too!

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    Stacey and her hubby Josh were amazing hosts with a passion for food that can be instantly recognized. From the moment I stepped in, to taking photographs for them to finally tucking into the meal that was prepared lovingly with the freshest ingredients and passion, I felt at ease and there was never a dull moment. The food was impeccable and I really enjoyed the vegetarian butternut squash quiche - that was my favourite dish! I would recommend Stacey and her humble abode to anyone who is looking for a good, interesting time with delectable cuisine!

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    I've heard it said that the best Indian food is not to be found in any restaurant, but rather, in someone's home. That's because many Indian dishes require time, patience and effort to prepare... far more likely to be found in a home kitchen than in a business establishment. After dining at Bala's, I can verify the truth to that saying. A passionate cook with 35 years' experience, Bala puts a lot into his dishes, e.g. a thrice-cooked pulao dish featuring basmati rice grains so light and fluffy, yet completely full of flavour. Or a lamb khichda which must have been simmering for others. Yet Bala, who likes his gadgets very much, is also fond of innovation. Testament to this is his mango curry, a medley of full-bodied sweetness and spice. The rest of the evening beyond the food was also a great experience. Bala and his family are charming, humourous and well-travelled hosts who made great effort to ensure that we were comfortable. Their hospitality is also reflected in their spacious home, located in a central part of town, which lends itself well to entertaining. Thank you Bala and family for a really lovely dinner!

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    The food is incredible! I wish I had more space in my belly for it. I really appreciate how Ainaz took the time to explain the different ingredients that went into her dishes. I lucked out because her mother had just come in from Iran, therefore the ingredients were doubly authentic and fresh from her home country. All in all a lovely time was had :)

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PlateCulture connects people who love cooking & hosting dinners with people who love eating authentic home cooked meals. Each dinner is a unique experience where people can share food, discover new cultures and build friendships from all over the world.

Guests have a unique opportunity to try an authentic home cooked meal at the host‘s home - whether it be Mexican, Malay, Lithuanian or any other authentic world cuisine. It is all about getting a real picture of different cultures.

Hosts can showcase their culinary skills and meet interesting people without leaving the comfort of their kitchen. Quite literally, we fit the entire world in the kitchens.