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    Brilliant evening - all y'all were worth it, had I driven 10x as far through 10x worse weather.

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    Thank you for such a sparkling night, a night to behold and remember for a long time. For all the stories told, love put into the food...we can never quite look at Indian food the same way again. Fingers crossed he will join the culinary circle soon enough and spread his love all over. He is already overbooked for the next couple of weeks and we are so planning for a return! I wish him all the best and look forward to another of these mind blowing meals. So then, with the worries put to rest, it had to be one of the most enjoyable strangers' union in a long time in history and definitely the best Indian meal in my life.

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    Tamara & Alan were great hosts. They are well travelled and well versed in a wide array of subjects to talk to. Very entertaining hosts, not to mention great food too! The food they served was simple but it was very delicious and can tell that they have put a lot of thoughts and efforts into preparing it. Very enjoyable dinner with nice people!

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    Kenneth and his girlfriend Laurie were good hosts and made very delicious pallela! Its easy to see that they have so much passion for good food and use the finest ingredients available. It was a Spanish feast indeed! This is their first attempt at having a guest over, so they had their own friends join in as well. Good job, and I hope that more people sign up to eat with them!

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    I had a great time there to meet new friends and share experienced to each other. Food by Osama was great and yummy i like it. Lovely place lovely friends and great food. I will come back again next time!

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PlateCulture connects people who love cooking & hosting dinners with people who love eating authentic home cooked meals. Each dinner is a unique experience where people can share food, discover new cultures and build friendships from all over the world.

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