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    We had a fantastic time with Letitia and Emre and would highly recommend to others to try! Both are excellent hosts and really fun company. Food was definitely tasty, authentic, home-made and very generous. A very memorable evening!

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    They are passionate about healthy food and it shows. All of the dishes were delicious and tasty and showed how experienced and conscious they are in preparing healthy meals, which not only taste amazing and fresh, but also makes you feel great. If you have a chance, you have to try their salads, they are clearly made with love.

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    Aaron W.

    I must say I'm a big fan of Chef Sim's dishes. Taking normal recipes and adding hints of flavor from a wide range of cuisines to make unique tastes you can't get anywhere else. The chef and hostess are also very hospitable and charming. 3 thumbs up!

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    Great to try new food cooked with care, in the presence of new and interesting people. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good night out with a difference.

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    Linh H.

    Tasty food by charming host! I was surprise at first by the decoration, the whole room was lightened up with candle lights, it brought me a warm cozy feeling like Christmas night at home. The host is so cheerful & friendly, she prepared 3 main courses as what she printout in the small cute menu and all the food was so tasty. I’ve been here in Thailand for 3 years but I have no idea Northern food can be that good, well, I can’t describe how much I love the noodles in the main course. It’s a shame to say that I even asked for the second bowl after finish a big one. I will definitely recommend this place and sure I will be back.

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PlateCulture connects people who love cooking & hosting dinners with people who love eating authentic home cooked meals. Each dinner is a unique experience where people can share food, discover new cultures and build friendships from all over the world.

Guests have a unique opportunity to try an authentic home cooked meal at the host‘s home - whether it be Mexican, Malay, Lithuanian or any other authentic world cuisine. It is all about getting a real picture of different cultures.

Hosts can showcase their culinary skills and meet interesting people without leaving the comfort of their kitchen. Quite literally, we fit the entire world in the kitchens.