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Hi! I'm Hon Sing and Magarita Santiago is my wife, founders of Hungry Mario. Cooking started as a hobby. I have always been surrounded by awesome home-cooked food by my mom, but never really cooked in the kitchen when I was young. Yet I have always watched her prepare traditional Hakka dishes like Yong Tau Foo, Lui Cha, fried pork with fermented tofu, steamed pork belly layered with yam and the list goes on! I started cooking as a necessity. Mainly because my wife loves to eat! Sixteen years passed and the passion for cooking lives on.

As a self-taught chef, I embrace the world itself as an interactive classroom, which has allowed for a truly authentic, hands-on culinary lifestyle. With artistic creativity on every plate, I strive for balance, color, and texture diversity.

We love to travel. We have been to countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, China, Australia, Dubai, France and Netherlands. Travelling have much influenced my cooking and made me a better chef.

My life motto is to be happy. Steve Jobs once quoted “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. I hope I can achieve that through food.

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