W S Ada C.

W S Ada C.

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June 1, 2016


Enjoyed PlateCulture experience 3 times.


Truly G.

Ms.Ada and her guess Tim were such a delight, very polite, very friendly and our conversation went naturally and smoothly without being too personal. They loves the food, enjoyed the atmosphere, appreciative and curious about the food that they consumed. It is an honor to be their host for tonight dinner. They are openly and cheerfully giving feedback for future reference which I appreciate so much. There is always room for improvement I believed. Looking forward for the next one. Thank you for a wonderful night. I hope you enjoy the experience tonight as much as I do. Infinite Love & Gratitude. Truly G

Kamna P.

Was great to Ada and her boyfriend over for dinner. They were extremely friendly and very easy to communicate with. I would recommend Ada to other plateculture chefs and hope to host her soon in the future :)

Chris L.

Thanks for your support! Hope you enjoyed the dinner :)