Ying T.

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February 24, 2015


English, Cantonese, Mandarin, some french


Hong Kong


I was originally brought up in Suzhou, a city in China renowned for its gastronomic riches and where people worship food like how they would worship god. It is where adolescents are taught how to hold a spatula before they could even walk, as most people in Suzhou seems to be capable of whipping up a scrumptious meal. Thus, I developed a passion for food since young due to my upbringing, where my parents were cultured gastronomists. The most delicate and exquisite cuisine in Suzhou can be found in every season due to the abundance of pristine irrigation water and arable land.
Years later, I moved on and settled down in another distinctive gastronomic city called Hong Kong, bringing along with me my knowledge on the culinary arts acquired during my time in Suzhou. Since then, I had the privilege to explore and appreciate authentic Cantonese cuisine, which is one of the biggest and widespread cuisines in China. That was also when I started embarking on many journeys around the world, where food was always the main theme.
As a food enthusiast, I was often overwhelmed and inspired by the unique and distinctive flavors and tastes of each of the local cuisines. Through my travel experiences coupled with my cooking experiences, I have come to believe that cooking is purely an art, and that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It has to be aesthetically pleasing but palatable at the same time. Hence, I find great pleasure in cooking for anyone of any backgrounds, as I see it as an opportunity to do what I love doing and to spread my passion and knowledge for food to anyone out there. Xx

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