Jaideep S.

Jaideep S.

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May 4, 2017


Enjoyed PlateCulture experience 5 times.


Jazzy T.

Jaideep and his friends were very pleasant to host; Extremely gregarious and I really enjoy hosting people that love good food and good wine. I would love to host them again.

Don T.

Jaideep and friends were lovely guests - open-minded, friendly and discerning foodies. Jaideep carefully communicated dietary restrictions. We'd welcome them back without hesitation. Thank you Jaideep! Hope to see you all again soon!

Theo-man A.

Great group of friends and was biigg pleasure to cook for them again! :)

Theo-man A.

Great couple! Was really fun to chat with them about food and drinks! Hope they will be back!

Delish K.

Jaideep and his friends were a group of professors from all over the world. The dinner table was filled with stories and laughters, I hope they also enjoyed the meal.
I enjoyed talking to them so much, I didn't even realize how fast the time passed by us. I hope I see them again to continue the chat and serve them another type of meal soon!