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June 2, 2015


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My name is Moeava, but everyone calls me Moe, Born in Tahiti by a typical islander mom who loves to cook and feed her children, going back and forth between the US and French Polynesia.

I developed an early passion for preparing food and the art of cooking, learnt from my parents how to make Tahitian, French and American dishes and what to watch out for when buying the necessary ingredients in local markets. The reason why I love food so much is because I was surrounded by food since a very young age. You can say I spent half of my childhood in the kitchen and at the local markets and most of my adult life also.

Almost 12 years ago life brought me to Asia, which culture I admire especially because of the importance of food. I lived in Taipei, Beijing and Tokyo, where I kept on following my passion for food and cooking, especially in Thai, Chinese Sichuan and Japanese style dishes.

As lucky as I am, I met my German wife in Beijing and after a couple of years we moved to Tokyo and in beginning of 2015 we moved and settled down here in Hong Kong, where as a stay at home husband I can get serious with sharing my culinary adventures.

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