Pamela Joey P.

Member since

May 4, 2016


English, Cantonese


It started in university when I had to prepare meals for myself and I fell in love with cooking. At first I was on a regular diet but I eventually transitioned to a vegan diet. To me preparing a vegan meal is interesting because we get to use different ingredients as well as different cooking techniques to create an appetizing meal for our guests. Apart from cooking, I love spending time with my 2 year old french bulldog- Molly, exploring new restaurants and cafe with friends and do pilates whenever I'm free.

Our aim at Sow Vegan is to promote healthy vegan eating as well as supporting local farmers by using local seasonal produce. Its not just about eating salad, vegan dishes can be creative and enjoyable. We would love to meet more people to share our love for vegan food.

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