Hanh V.

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May 20, 2017


Enjoyed PlateCulture experience 2 times.


Afni Y.

When Janet contacted me and told me she wanted to learn how to make 'Authentic Corn Fritters', 'Penang Asam Laksa' & 'Traditional Puteri Mandi', I felt very honoured. True enough, when she and her boyfriend arrived, she rolled up her sleeves and tried to make them from scratch, just based on the instructions given to her and all the food turned out delicious! How could it not, I had a great chef helping me. Her boyfriend was also helpful and willing to try. It's a very rare thing to find in guests who come over to your house, willing to get messy and literally, flour on their arm and legs! What humbled me the most is the fact that she and her boyfriend were really willing to learn about the food that I grew up with, the stories behind it, and my culture. What I also love from this exchange is the experience that she shared with me, her childhood, the food her mum used to make for her, of her travelling and the food she's tried. She even knows the essence of the Malay culture like the traditional hand shaking and a few Malay words which gives me great pleasure in knowing how much she respects and appreciates the culture of my people. I'm grateful to have found a passionate food lover who loves travelling and making new friends across the globe. We got carried away talking and exchanging our experiences. I can't wait to be her next avid follower on her instagram, her youtube channel where she'll share all the food she's learned and her food website! She's a really warm, earnest woman that I felt really honoured to have hosted in my home. I hope we will keep in touch and remain very good friends. I wish her all the best in realising her dreams. I hope the rest of her stay in Penang & Malaysia will be a memorable and a sweet one. By and large, meeting her has been the highlight of my crazy hectic week!

Ruth I.

My daughter and I enjoyed meeting Janet & Ilya and Simone. We had some stimulating conversation and discovered common interests in various areas. Time well spent with friends who love food and are open to learning new things. Thank you very much for choosing to cook with us.