Amelia M.

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August 29, 2016


English, Cantonese, Malay, my Cantonese is that of a 5-year old!


I love soul and street food from around the world - intensely flavored dishes made with generosity of spirit and appreciation of cultures.
I've roasted a whole pig over coals with a Havana landlord, stir fried with street cooks in Chiangmai and Hochiminh, made tortillas by hand at an art curator's home in Mexico City and ceviche in Peruvian kitchens. I've also lived with locals and taken classes in Oaxaca, New Orleans, Madrid, Lima, north (Rome,Tuscany) and east (Pesaro) Italy, Lisbon, Istanbul and Selcuk (Turkey) and Vancouver.
I've made the BEST friends through cooking, eating and drinking with locals everywhere - so most of my dishes have affectionate stories. Being Malaysian means appreciating intense but also honest, balanced flavors and respecting the ingredients.
Welcome to my new home in Stanley - hope to see you here...

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