Meenu  C.

5 - SENSES (Ignite your 5 senses thru MEENU'S cooking)

Meenu C. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

I specialise in cuisines from around the globe. Over the years, I have been interested and perfected recipes from Middle East, India, China and Italy. I have also created a special Global menu for PlateCulture guests. Welcome to my global kitchen!

Global - You will be taken through a global menu in order to attain tastes of different countries

Middle Eastern - Treat yourself to the tastes of the middle east

Indian - Its not necessarily about very spicy food. Let your taste buds get accustomed to the various spices of India

Sichuan - Let your tongue feel the tingling sensation released from the sichuan peppers from that region

Italian - Mama mia! Welcome to Italy without leaving your very own country!


  1. NameMeenu C.
  2. LocationHong KongTung Chung
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Cantonese
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 6
  2. Meals Dinner
  3. House rulesThey can bring their own alcohol and smoke in balcony. No pets at home Dinner available from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm
  1. Bio

    I was born in Pune (small town in India), grew up in Hong Kong & have taken the liberty without any regrets of calling HK my home.
    Growing up in HK is a privilege and you quickly take into account the availability of all cultures and society that strongly prevail.
    My love and passion for people and their cultures were prevalent at a very early age, hence the desire and journey for growth & inspiration in the knowledge of food commenced with great fervour.
    It is easy to fall in love with HK, the colours and smells in a wet market laden with fresh produce, seafood, poultry, meat, spices, herbs, all varieties of staples such as wood ear mushroom, moss, fungi……to mention a few. The choices offered are enough to inspire and educate even the most amateur palette, to say the least.
    The gift of hospitality resonated strongly in my heart and I recognized my calling.
    I wanted to give back to the community that had instilled the joy in my soul. I wanted to create, teach and share every morsel with all those of like mind searching for food that tantalizes the palette, warmed the hearts, brought healing to the soul and families around the table! I wanted to ignite their senses just as mine too have been provoked.
    Thank you friends both old and new for your investment in my story.

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Albert K.

She is passion for food and attention to the details. Actually her cooking skill is good and she has arranged a nice dinner for me and my gf. Thanks so much!

Janice L.

Meenu is very passionate about cooking and we had an amazing night at her place! Love the lamb dish she cooked and we enjoyed a lot!

Isabella C.

The shortest way to the heart is filling oneself with delicious, fresh, nurturing food and that is the experience at Meenu's. As our Indian hostess she believes in charming her guests and showering them with warm hospitality. She and her daughter make you feel at home in their cosy restaurant and we were soon feeling very at ease.

We began the dinner with a lovely alloo tiki chat and onion bhajia to start. Crispy and delicious, our appetites were whetted. The experience unfolded further with a succulent prawn jeenga in a tandoori style, served on a sizzling platter, together with naan, wine and more jovial conversation. We learnt about the differences of naan and roti and Meenu was warm and engaging as the hostess.

We finished off the meal with a lovely mango shrikand. It was a yoghurt-mango delight, nothing like the overly sweet and dense Indian dessert we were mentally prepared for.

All in all it was the most delightful experience. In fact, we enjoyed it so much that two weeks later we were back taking cooking classes with Meenu. We learnt to make chicken kofta, chicken Makhani and garlic naan. Chez Meenu has become a staple for us. A place that we can go to learn exotic Indian and Middle Eastern cooking with a chef who has become a friend.

John B.

Really outstanding meal last night from Meenu's PLATE CULTURE offering. Chicken Makhani, Onion Bhaji, and Mango Lassi sounded potentially humdrum, but the execution was "off the charts" fantastic. A real home made meal (by an Indian mom who can really cook!) that is simply not available in restaurants. What I was not expecting was the beautiful apartment and artful food presentation. Thanks again Meenu!

Boni L.

Meenu's kitchen is situated in a lovely apartment complex close to Jordan and Hung Hom station. The area is quiet and peaceful. Her home is brightly lit and elegantly decorated. We were warmly greeted by her and her daughter, Shazia.

The food was delicious particularly the Korean Barbeque Chicken and Chicken Makhani with chapattis. You would never have thought that those two dishes would be served together and they were both brilliantly prepared. Boneless pieces of succulent chicken were skillfully barbecued and were served with fresh lettuce leaves. The Chicken Makhani was full of flavours and not too spicy. It's cooked in a buttery creamy gravy accompanied by freshly made chapattis. If you want to learn Meenu's secret recipe, you will need to sign up to her cooking classes. What surprised me the most was the variety of cuisine. Meenu can cook Korean, Indian, Sichuan, Middle Eastern and even Italian dishes. Her knowledge of international food is phenomenal! Her daughter actually told us that she likes her mum's Sichuan dishes the most. We'll definitely have to come back to try them! I recommend Meenu's kitchen for its friendly atmosphere and tasty cross-continental cuisine!