Chai Ling C.

A Private Gourmet Soiree at DELIRIUM

Chai Ling C. from Malaysia


About the kitchen

We host private lunch and dinner parties in an elegant formal setting in our home.

We'd love to indulge you and your guests (4 up to 8 guests). A custom menu can be designed just for you.

Unlike most supper clubs, each booking is an exclusive private table event. We combine the best of all worlds:

• An underground venue with the sensory promise of a new dining experience
• Total exclusivity and privacy of booking an entire place to yourselves
• A customisable menu for your event (one menu per event).

Despite having derived from a private kitchen concept, our ideologies are rooted in hosting elegant and cosy meals which are all about you: perhaps a celebratory birthday dinner with family, or a midday luncheon with the ladies, or a private space to conduct business lunch meetings. And sometimes, our favourite reason to host an event is no real reason at all, but simply, the love of food.

We serve fine modern cuisine on a course by course basis, depending on the number of courses you wish to have, typically 3-5.

We'd like to think of our food as an extension to our core belief: we serve only what we would feed our own family, premium quality fresh ingredients using cooking methods that maximise and preserve nutrient content. It's not simply a race to impress and blow tastebuds, which seems the common lure of mainstream eateries. We feature grassfed, hormone & antibiotic-free poultry and meat whenever possible. We use only pink Himalayan salt, and non-polysaturated cooking oils. Contraptions like microwaves, toxic non-stick and aluminium cookware are banned from our kitchen. We believe in coaxing flavours out from the best ingredients in the most nutritious ways. The thought of using anything artificial is sacrilege.

Step 1:
Select the number of courses you wish to have:

A three course meal will consist of one starter, one main course, and one dessert.
A four course meal will consist of two starters, one main course, and one dessert.
A five course meal will consist of three starters, one main course, and one dessert.

Step 2:
A gastronomic sense of adventure is highly coveted. We highly encourage you to opt to be surprised.
Otherwise, select one main course for your dining event. Main courses are listed here on this page.
​Pairings will be made for starters and dessert to complement your main course.

Step 3:
Select a date for your lunch or dinner event.

We are able to create a custom menu for your occasion, based on your preferences for main course and dessert. (One menu per event).

We provide a variety of gourmet coffees and teas, and wine pairing upon request.

Not unlike a book club, or a collective group of people who see a rainbow emerge, there is something magical about the common bonding experience of eating together. This is especially heightened when guests can share individual interpretations of the same flavours. Hence Delirium was created in line with the true supper club concept of “You will EAT what the chef creates!”

We have decided to bend the rules just a little though. While everyone will still experience the same courses, you get to decide on the event’s menu (minimum headcount of 4). If you are hosting, you might make a selection to surprise your guests. For the inundated, it can be a fun process for you and your guests to decide together.


  1. NameChai Ling C.
  2. LocationMalaysiaSelangor
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay, Hokkien
  1. GuestsMaximum 8
  2. MealsLunch/Dinner
  1. Bio

    I am a writer, cook, baker, and newly established food photographer who has spent years photographing my own kitchen endeavors. My journey towards food photography was a very organic culmination of a deep passion to create beautiful food, and the eventual desire to document it. I experience an unparalleled thrill, seeing a dish that clearly took much thought well-executed, and then bring joy to the person who eventually savours its art and labour. It is both an invisible and visceral baton of love, passed on many hands: from its conception, execution, and finally, consumption.

    This is the same reason that had previously compelled me to become a food writer, and starting my own home baking business, and eventually a small private kitchen cooking gourmet meals for strangers in my own home. It was a conscious decision to pursue both my culinary interests and photography synergistically. Rather than deflecting my focus on each individual craft, I have discovered that being a cook has made me a better photographer. When you have a vested connection to the meal before you and how it has come to be, capturing the essence and soul of that dish becomes an unstaged, lucid and appreciative process.

    In return, photographic awareness has taught me so much beyond the aesthetics, or how to style and present food in its most visually breathtaking form. It is strange how photography has allowed me to become a better cook. Taking photographs inclines one to take a step back, and extend consciousness beyond one's immediate tasks. It instills a calm that would otherwise be lost in the heated energy of the kitchen. Accustoming myself to being in the moment has impacted the way I plan and cook meals for myself and others.

    Both my photography and cooking express my views on the fine art of sustenance. As someone who believes in putting the very best into our bodies, I want to show that the best tasting food, is actually also the most nourishing. This is perhaps the biggest misunderstood reality in the history of food, and I cherish every opportunity to reveal it.

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