Afni Y.

Afni's Halal Authentic Malaysian Food

Afni Y. from Malaysia


About the kitchen

Afni's Halal Authentic Malaysian Food offers you healthy, home-cooked, authentic food from Malaysia. It's healthy because MSG & preservatives are not used in her cooking (which is normally found in many food stalls) and she believes in using natural locally grown produce and fresh ingredients, so guests can enjoy the amazing food. You will learn how to prepare food from scratch, without any preservatives & learn a trick or two from her age-old family secret. Her kitchen provides opportunities on how to prepare authentic Malaysian food and some key tricks in re-creating it once you're back home. Check out the many menus ranging from Menu A - Menu I. You may also let Afni know beforehand if there's a certain appetizer, entree, dessert or drink from a certain menu that you'd like to swap with. If you're a vegetarian or a vegan, you may let Afni know as she is more than happy to accommodate you. Afni loves learning about your cultures, language and food. What better way to enjoy great healthy food than in a company of a passionate English teacher, an animal lover & a healthy food enthusiast? It's time to satisfy your curious taste buds while making friends with the chef & teach her something about your country.


  1. NameAfni Y.
  2. LocationMalaysiaPenang
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay, I understand a bit of Korean
  1. GuestsMaximum 5
  2. MealsBreakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner
  3. House rulesNo smoking & alcoholic drinks.
  1. Bio

    I'm an English teacher who's passionate about cooking healthy home-cooked meals. Before I joined Plate Culture, I was an exchange student to the U.S under the renowned Fulbright scholarship. While at my host institution Northern Illinois University, I made many new friends and we shared a common passion which was food. Besides teaching and attending classes, I was very active in my university fencing club & was awarded second place in the university fencing tournament. I made friends there whom I'll cherish for life. I introduced them to Malaysian cuisines. It was there that I was exposed to voluntary work. I did a small part to help the "Dekalb Emergency Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens". Whilst in the U.S under the Fulbright grant, I also received unconditional offers for my master's degree from University of Manchester, Birmingham, Westminster, Exeter, Leeds and was one of the successful applicants to be interviewed for the prestigious British Chevening award. Besides teaching, I love spending quality time with my mischievous niece, taking long walks at the park and enjoying the nature. My friends and I are currently involved in voluntary projects in Penang which involve cycling, nurturing the environment and animal welfare. We always cycle every Friday and Sunday morning to work. Much work still needs to be done in terms of figuring out how to build more proper cycling tracks and include more routes so our main purpose for now is to create awareness and encourage the residents in Penang to cycle to work. Besides teaching & cycling, cooking is another great outlet for me. I love meeting people especially animal lovers! Most importantly, the reason why I join plate culture is because not only I love cooking healthy food but most importantly, I love meeting new people, making friends & learn about their cultures, language & most importantly, FOOD! So if you share the same passion as mine, wait no more! Let's cook away & learn about each other's country, language, culture & FOOD!

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Sarah C.

We had such a lovely day with Afni and her family. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone visiting the island.

Firstly, it was really easy to find Afni's flat by cab and she contacted me the day before to make sure we had all the info we needed.

When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed in to Afni's home. We didn't stop chatting and sharing stories the whole time.

The ingredients Afni had bought ready for the day were really fresh and we had so much fun making the dishes. Afni was a great teacher and we will definitely be making some of her recipes at home.

Our visit to Afni's was the best thing we did in Penang. We ate some seriously tasty food, laughed a lot and got to meet lovely people.

Hanh V.

Spending an afternoon with Afni was the highlight of Ilya and my time in Penang. She is wonderful company with lots of fun stories to fill the afternoon with. We are both interested in food and cooking and it was so inspiring to spend an afternoon gushing over our favourite foods, recipes, and chefs!!

We made lots of delicious food together! Cucur Jagung - yummy corn fritters. Assam Laksa which was such a deliciously unique experience. It was unlike anything I've ever tasted in my life before. Truly a special dish!! You could really taste the home cooked family touch in this dish and I am so grateful to be able to learn how to make this. We also made a special family tonic that I know I will regularly make in the future!! For dessert we made Puteri Mandi, which was super fun to make and very tasty!! I cannot wait to wow all of my friends and family with these recipes and I'll forever carry these special memories with Afni in my heart.

Spending an afternoon with Afni wasn't just about learning delicious home cooked secrets and understanding the culture of Penang. It was an afternoon of building a friendship that I hope carries on in the future!

Thank you for being such a spectacular host and for generously sharing your time and knownledge with Ilya and I!

Hanna K.

Our evening with Afni was just awesome! She is very communicative, kind and helpful person. We spent a lot of time not only cooking, but also chatting, laughing and exchanging experiences, stories from our countries. Meeting Afni is one of my favorite memories from Malaysia!

Marta K.

It was an increadible experience! Afni was really welcoming and her hospitality was amazing. The atmosphere was quite informal, so it was like visiting an old friend than meeting a stranger and we felt like at home with her. Would recommend her to anyone living or just visiting Penang! Don't miss out on this opportunity to taste and learn to cook authentic Malay dishes with Afni!

My friend and I are currently travelling through SE Asia after one year we spent living and working in Vietnam. We've tried a fair share of different Asian dishes, but we really wanted to explore Malay food since everyone raves about it. What a better place to do it than Penang?

When we told Afni we were interested in learning how to cook Malay dishes, she was instantly on board with the idea. She prepared the menu that was simple enough for us to learn and try to recreate at home, but at the same time really authentic and tasty. She'll teach you step-by-step how to prepare a delicious meal and if you want to learn a particular dish, just let her know and she'll include it in the menu.

Afni is not a professional chef, but you can still see her passion for cooking with fresh and healthy ingredients. What's more, not only is she a great home cook, but also a really good teacher and both my friend and I are going to impress our families with the dishes she taught us when we go back home.

We had a lovely chat comparing different Asian and international cuisines and then just talked, talked, talked... for hours really! She's a lovely person and a great host. Thank you Afni for a great evening and an amazing first experience with Plate Culture!