Anh N.

Anh Boo's Vietnamese Kitchen

Anh N. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

****** PLEASE NOTE ******
Anh Boo's Vietnamese Kitchen is ONLY open for bookings on WEDNESDAY LUNCH 12:30pm.

Anh Boo's Vietnamese Kitchen brings you the most authentic Vietnamese food you can find in Tung Chung. All ingredients are fresh and authentic. Popular dishes include Vietnamese fresh and fried spring rolls, Chicken Phở, Beef Phở, mango salad, and white turnip salad.

Anh Boo Vietnamese Kitchen is all about bringing real Vietnamese home cooked food culture to the world. Enjoy the peace and tranquility away from the bustling city in Tung Chung. This will be an unforgettable lunch getaway with a Vietnamese twist.


  1. NameAnh N.
  2. LocationHong KongTung Chung
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Vietnamese
  1. GuestsMinimum: 4, Maximum: 10
  2. MealsLunch ONLY
  3. House rulesNo pets. No smoking. Guests can bring their own alcohol. Please leave shoes outside.
  1. Bio

    I'm originally from Hanoi, Vietnam. Have been in Hong Kong for 10+ years. My passion is all about cooking and eating Vietnamese food.

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Value for money

Where is home restaurant located?


JoElle S.

Anh Boo's Vietnamese Kitchen is a great experience! Lovely Anh welcome's you in such a way that you feel at home! The food is fresh, authentic and most importantly DELICIOUS! My whole family loves going! We can't get enough of the pho and fresh spring rolls!
A must try!

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Sandra N.

This is what I call authentic Vietnamese food with a great touch of own ideas. I got more than I expected and will for sure be back for more!

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Kevan  A.

Excellent home cooking style food in a very comfortable environment. Definitely gets my recommendation.

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Dennis L.

We have been a regular customer of Anh's home catering service for years and are delighted that she is now extending her business to the wider community. Her pho soup bases are cooked from scratch and you can taste the goodness from the stock - which has taken hours to cook up. All of her recipes are made with fresh and high quality ingredients. Importantly for us, the food she serves up is healthy as well as flavourful, and it is not difficult to see that she cooks wholeheartedly and with an in-depth knowledge of the ingredients. It is also always interesting to learn from Anh the origins of a particular dish such as where in Vietnam it is a local favourite and how it is sometimes served in that region.

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Karen F.

Food was amazingly fresh and tasty . Authentic Vietnamese.

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Dave P.

Excellent cuisine.
Wonderful atmosphere.
Some of the finest Spring Rolls I've ever eaten.
You won't be disappointed!!

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Jennifer D.

I know Anh not long but she is one of the best person i have ever known. For us living far away from home is not easy. However her authentic cooking help us feel happy. Her Pho, Vietnamese noodle soup is the best i could find in HK. And everyone should try it.
Get to know her, she is not only a friendly, responsible, easy going person but also passionate in whatever she is doing. And yes i have been and would recommend her to whoever i know :)

Reply from  Cam on em

Rushani J.

Very authentic Vietnamese food. Always fresh and full of favour.

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I V J.

Anh's authentic Vietnamese food is one of the best I've tasted. Her food is always fresh, tasty, very reasonably priced and more importantly cooked with lots of passion! I love them!!

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Michelle O.

Anh puts her heart and soul into her cooking . She is determined to bring her own spirit of Vietnamese food to Tung Chung and into her living room. Her Vietnamese spring rolls and pho are to-die-for.

It's not just her food, Anh is also one generous and friendly lady. It's no wonder everyone knows her in this area , or wants to know her.

Can't wait to bring my friends to her table .

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Natasha C.

This was the best Vietnamese home cooked meal I have ever had. The food flavours exploded in our mouths. We felt we had travelled back to Vietnam. We had a friend that requested western food and Anh cooked a healthy and very delicious dish. Guess she stepped from food cooking heaven because everything we ate was made with love. Anh's warm welcoming and attentive manner left us all feeling very happy and comfortable. The salmon soup was the most delicious tangy and refreshing soup ever- you have to try it! We will definitely recommend all our friends to try her hearty healthy and ever so tasty dishes. Thank you Ahn

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Marcel E.

Anh Boo uses all fresh produce and knows how to use it well. This provides a very authentic experience and through that a brilliant way to experience different kinds of Vietnamese food one won't easily find in the restaurants in town

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Vrushali S.

Very authentic Vietnamese food. Best in Hong Kong 😋

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Siu Shan L.

Anh is a really talented Vietnamese chef. I've tasted so many of her special dishes and as soon as you taste it, you know she uses only the freshest and most finest ingredients for her dishes! As a person, she is the most caring and loving chef that really cooks from the heart! I can't wait to book my next table at Anh Boo's Vietnamese Kitchen!

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Roseanne H.

If you ask me my favourite cuisine I would say Veitnamese. My kids adore it and all because of Anh! She introduced us to these beautiful fresh delicious flavours with her amazing food she makes with passion and love.

If you are looking for authentic Veitnamese food, a reminder of a holiday or to try and find your new favourite taste explosion, please try Anh's Veitnamese Kitchen!!

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