Mallika M.

Ashley's Biriyani Experience

Mallika M. from Malaysia


About the kitchen

My husband and I love cooking ! He picked up his culinary skills whilst studying in the UK and I was an ardent student under the tutelage of my mum and my mum-in-law .
We are also avid travellers and what we discovered during our travels was the difficulty in finding a really good, taste-bud satisfying plate of Biriyani !This prompted us to experiment and slowly but surely we derived a mouth-watering concoction of our very own version of Biriyani ! You will love it !
Besides the main course of Biriyani ,of which we have either chicken or mutton, we serve a fresh yoghurty vegetable and fruit Raita, a tangy Mint Chutney, mildly explosive Raisin Chutney and Papadam.
To wash down your meal, we serve freshly squeezed limey- lemonade.
For our beloved vegetarian friends, we have a mildly spicy vegetable Biriyani,served with all the side dishes mentioned including a delectable,tingling Ginger pickle known traditionally as Injee Puli.
To us, cooking is almost a religion - atleast we think so - one's heart has to be clean and the energy one transfers from one's hands to the food must flow with positive vibes -a sacred act prepared with love and care will only manifest good health.
We take the preparing of meals for our family seriously- it is a labor of Love-and most importantly,when our family sits together to enjoy a meal,we bless our food and take our time savoring each morsel. Food is sacred business,you know !
On that note, we would love to invite you all to our home to get to know you and share in our Biriyani Experience ! See you soon !


  1. NameMallika M.
  2. LocationMalaysiaIpoh
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malayalam,Tamil and Hindi.
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 6
  2. Meals Lunch ( 1pm-3pm) / Dinner (7.30pm - 9.30pm)-minimum order 2 pax per choice of meal.
  3. House rulesSmoking is allowed on the patio.Preferably no children please.We live with three adorable Shih-Tzus.
  1. Bio

    Besides cooking, I love gardening, reading, music, dancing, travelling, and taking care of my pets. I'm crazy about writing (my blog 'My World in Words') and love animals to death. I respect nature and moving to Ipoh was the best decision we made. Ipoh was recently graded as the 6th most popular destination for travelers by Lonely Planet and this prompted us to extend our home to tourists and travelers under Ashley's Homestay.
    We love having people over for a meal and a cozy chat, so come on over and be a part of our Biriyani Experience !

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