Kelis K.


Kelis K. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

I never found home cooking food at the restaurant, so I tried to cook my granny's cook from my memories, finally found granny recipe is in my taste since I am raised with it.
If you had enough Korean instant noodle for spicy soup or hearty BBQ, may start to try humble home cooking Korean dishes.

If there is any special request for yor limitations of any ingredient, let me know 2 day before coming.
All food will be served with k-pop. ;-)


  1. NameKelis K.
  2. LocationHong KongTai Hang
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Korean, French
  1. GuestsMinimum: 4, Maximum: 4
  2. MealsDinner (19:30)
  3. House rulesNo pets, no smoking. Please inform me when you BYOD
  1. Bio

    An nyoung ha se yo! Hello, My name is Kelis, and living in HK about an year!
    I love to cook and meeting new people, hoping to hosting many people through Plate culture.
    By living abroad from home country, its always open interesting doors, and being chef on Plate culture is one of them. I will host you guys for Korean home dishes, and you will find more than BBQ or Kimchi.
    See you soon!!

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Value for money

Where is home restaurant located?


Jim L.

Kelis is awesome! Great food, wonderful place and cheerful convo! Would definitely recommend my friends to try this experience! P.s lucas is so cute!

Fann L.

It was a great dining experience to enjoy authentic home cooking on Korean cuisine, and to chat thru the evening with the great couple, and meeting the family too!

Katrina C.

I've been to bap bap bap twice now, the first time was arranged by a friend and the second time I arranged to bring others. This is an indication of how much I liked it! Not only did I enjoy the authentic bulgogi and kimchi pancake (with cheese!) which is much better than what you can get at restaurants but also my favorite - dukbokki and gimmari - which I could never find outside of Seoul street stalls. In addition Kelis and her husband and baby were a pleasure to dine with! Would definitely love to come back for more Korean comfort food!

Patricia V.

This was my first time trying Plate Culture. If the other hosts are as amazing as Kelis, I have to try all of them :). The food was delicious and plenty, but the best of it all was the company. Kelis and her husband Hugo are super nice and fun. I am already planning to make the another visit :). Honestly, I definitely choose this experience over expensive and loud restaurants with bad service; which seems to be the trend in Hong Kong.

Sheri P.

Kelis and her husband are very sweet and hospitable. They were very welcoming and accommodating. It made the experience very pleasant.
She made omelets, cabbage salad, (store-bought) dumplings, a nice broth soup with tofu, and basic (fried) bulgogi with rice, as well as a soju drink.
It tasted good, was nicely presented and was plentiful, but I didn't find anything very special in the menu (I guess I was hoping for a secret grandmother's recipe or at least something unusual I hadn't tried before.). I cook myself and am a foodie, so I found that all was very safe and standard fare (even the brand of dumplings I sometimes buy myself). My friend who doesn't know Korean food enjoyed it a lot. But for the price, I felt there's better value at the better of the Korean restaurants in town where you get lots of different kinds of banchan dishes and the total cost is less. But in the end, it's kind of interesting to go to someone's home, so I'm glad I tried it once.
[P.S. I didn't want to leave this review because lots of others really enjoyed this meal and I don't want to disappoint anybody or hurt the hosts' feelings because they try hard and are soooo nice and the food is perfectly fine, but Plate Culture keeps emailing me to do it, so in order to get them to stop bothering me, here it is!]

William H.

What a fantastic experience. The hosts were so gracious and just a lot of fun and positive people to be around. The food was an authentic home cooked korean meal. I highly recommend.

Katherine X.

I had a Friday dinner at Kelis' place and I enjoyed the whole experience. She was very hospitable and friendly, and she paid close attention to her guests.

For the whole evening, I don't feel like eating at a stranger's place but a friend's. I would love to come back to Kelis' for more.

Greenie S.

Kelis and her husband Hugo provided a very warm environment to have dinner. They are a pleasant couple who introduced us to a traditional Korean dish of kimchi sausage stew (BUDAE JJIGAE). We had a lovely hearty dinner, which was totally enjoyable.

Arturas J.

It was great evening with tasty Korean food and nice people.

Ankita J.

Being vegetarians we always have problem finding good Korean food in the restaurants. Not only our host cooked an amazing vegetarian Korean dinner, but, she also told us that this is authentic as Koreans do have a lot of vegetarian meals. It was an awesome experience - delicious home cooked food and interesting conversation. Highly Recommended!