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Berry V. from Malaysia

About the kitchen

I can cook South and North Indian cuisine. I held many parties in my home specially for family and friends. And cooked many Indian dishes which has been tasted and enjoyed. I only use the best ingredients and my food is very healthy as i use only olive oil or grape seed oil.

Many friends has suggested that i should invite others to dine in my home. If you want an authentic indian cuisine and a cook who has a passion for that - it is ME


  1. NameBerry V.
  2. LocationMalaysiaSelangor
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay, Tamil
  1. GuestsMaximum 18
  2. MealsI prefer Sunday's,as that is the day I am relaxed and all prepared to entertain..
  3. House would be great if you want to bring your own can smoke too but it has to be outside at my outdoor patio..pets?..yes you can,if you pets are not afraid of my 2 sons..the Rottweilers
  1. Bio

    I just love entertaining.I will go an extra mile to ensure my visitors are taken care to the max. Cooking is my passion, I have been thought from the age of 17 how to cook by my mum, and now it became a passion. When it comes to trying out new recipes,I can cook Moroccan, North and South Indian with a twist. I make good salads,so please do try me out as my home is just like yours,and frankly you need to experience it. But if you ever want something different I can prepare meals to suit your taste buds, just let me know.
    I am freak for health, so when I cook I use only olive oil, mineral water and the best ingredients I can find. Check out my kitchen and you will know the passion I have for cooking.

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Berry is an Indian lady, with a warm smile and soft sound all in the event.She treats everyone in her place like her family because she likes this feeling with the people in her house even though this is the first time she met me. She is so passionate in travel, enjoy cooking, meals, music and gardening and lovely lady. Berry invited me to her kitchen and saw how she cooked the Indian salad. Her rule in using the ingredients to prepare all the food: olive oil and mineral water only, for the health purpose. Berry served me and her family members the fusion of north and south Indian food from Indian. The food looked so delicious and tasted great. Berry prepared 3 dishes: Rendang chicken, curry chicken, olive carrot yogurt salad, rice and a spinach paste. I am strongly recommending the spinach paste because you could imagine how much spinach used in the paste and how real the paste was when your tongue touched the paste. After the lunch we had a refreshing and tasty orange jelly. The atmosphere was peaceful and romantic trough the hole dinner!