Bui Y.

Chef Choobs - Authentic Malaysian Chinese Food

Bui Y. from Malaysia

About the kitchen

I will be hosting myself, with my dog named Slipper (he won't be part of the menu, I swear) and if you're lucky I will have some friends over who are also in the entertainment or F&B industry. I am poor in telling jokes but I'll do my best laughing at yours. If you're fussy with food, I highly recommend you the Hyatt. This is gonna be a very authentic Malaysian Chinese experience. Knowledge of chopsticks is required.

I will start off with no appetiser, period. We will go straight into the mains like how it supposed to be. A meat dish (pork, chicken, beef or fish), a vegetable dish and an egg or tofu dish. Accompanied with the slow cooked soup of the day, which takes 6 hours in the making. I might throw in an additional dish, be prepared for a surprise. White rice will be served, unless you go all "noodles" with me I might reshuffle the menu. For drinks, I will have you some high-grade chinese tea. Feel free to bring your own beverages. Unfortunately, I don't believe in desserts but if my mum is around (which most of the time she is), I may be able to hook you up with some great chinese desserts.

Don't worry, I will commit to not serve you any cliche dishes like kung pow chicken and sweet sour pork. It's all home cook flavours that you can hardly find anywhere.

I am not gonna over sell this. Honestly, I love cooking. I love my culture. It'll make me really happy to share an authentic experience with you.


  1. NameBui Y.
  2. LocationMalaysiaShah Alam
  3. LanguagesEnglish
  1. GuestsMaximum 2
  1. Bio

    I am not an actual chef. It's a name given to me by friends who experienced my cooking. Sorry for the disappointment, thanks if you have read this this point.

    As a local DJ/Producer/Aritist, I am also known to many as an advanced street foodie and amateur food-o-graper. I spend most of my free time hunting for great food destinations and exploring home cooked recipes. Hence, I am a top reviewer in Tripadvisor for local restaurants and also have an Insta account of over 1000 followers without revealing any cleavage or posting any workout selfies.

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