Zurath K.

Chef Zu @ Lohas Park

Zurath K. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

Serving Iranian Cuisine , and Indian Cuisine... we are the only kitchen to cook, Iranian and Parsi Food.... in Hong Kong , and other Delectable Regional Indian Cuisines .
Indian Cuisine is cooked in Earthen Vessels, some of our food cooks for 8-12 hours on coals.
Authentic Cuisines of Yemen, Oman, And other Middle Eastern Countries .

Signature Medieval Cuisine ....prepared from recipes over 300 years old , using original recipe ingredients .

New on our menus Vegan World Cuisine, with delectable choices around the world.

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  1. NameZurath K.
  2. LocationHong KongLohas Park
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Most Indian Languages .
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 8
  2. MealsDinner on Weekdays and on Weekends
  3. House rulesEnjoy your time with good food, laughter and happy time.
  1. Bio

    ...as a child I used to watch my grandmoms cooking and wonder just how they made such nice smelling and tasting food ....I learnt how they did it....passion ..
    My first catering was when I was 14, and since then I haven't looked back ...cooking has and is my passion...
    I spent many years as an architect and interior designer....did my fair share of that...until I came to Hong Kong in 2011...
    I wanted to cook...not build anymore
    Mjs has been created on the "Art of Manasolassa" ...( the pleasure of the mind through food) ....and I welcome you to this experience ...

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Angel S.

Excellent food. My friend and consider ourselves to be able to eat a lot but still have to say we are VERY FULL. Taste is great and food are fresh. My friend wasn't much of a fan for food outside of the "Chinese, Japanese" range but Chef Zu and his wife were able to change his point of view. The welcome drink was fantastic, and no sugar's added so it's very healthy. I was happy that Chef Zu talked about what's the drink's used for too. I learnt quite some Indian, Parsi history and culture through the dinner, The duck was cooked to be melting down in my mouth. I love the freshness of the salad, my friend almost had all of it. The beef, lamb were brilliant and I would like to eat it again and again. It was my first time trying a custard with a hint of orange.
Chef Zu and his wife were very welcoming and the environment is quiet so we can have a good conversation. I was surprised to see two four-legged hosts as well. The two dogs behaved well and sat quietly next to my seat. I would love to see them again.
I am sure I would go back again to have another meal prepared by Chef Zu.

Amanda C.

Zurath satisfied all our middle eastern quench, even the most exotic, exicting ones . We find surprises every time !!

Amanda C.

It's not common to be able to try middle east home cooking in HK , highly recommend for Middle East and spice lovers !

Ginny  Y.

Good food! The dinner is not just about food, it is about sharing each other culture, living experience. We have a wonderful night! Thanks Zurath

Giri D.

Zurath is a brilliant chef and he accommodated all our requests comfortably. the food was on banana leaf and we all simply loved it. I always believed Indian food is not only spicy but it has lots of subtlety to it. Food which Zurath made for us was not at all spicy but every vegetable had and amazing test to it. Highly recommended and I would suggest let this smart and talented chef decide menu for you. we will be going back for sure.

Niki J.

Lovely evening with a great host. Plenty of food, and just the right mix of friendliness and hospitality without intruding on a long-overdue catch-up! Great tactful service.

King L.

We had a really good time here!! Food was just perfect!! My wife usually doesn't eat any garlic, ginger, coriander, but Zurath magically made them irresistible for her, which surprised us all! Borek and the Iranian style Lamb and rice are all highly recommended.

Joanna P.

The chef was really lovely and was nice to meet him . Although overally we were very disappointed , the food was not Iranian as we hoped and the atmosphere was tight and uncomfortable . Maybe we had a high hopes raised after a previous PlateCulture dinner where the host was super social and dining with us creating nice evening atmosphere

Babak N.

OK food. Luke warm and buffet style. Could've been better although could be because we went there on the final night of the current location. Pleasant chef

Winnie S.

The only place to find Iranian food in HK! Zurath was very nice and explained all the dishes to us. My favorite was the gormeh and tahcheen.

Emma Y.

Very nice and exotic food. A wonderful experience for us , a group of nine at the venue. The chef is very nice. Can take the opportunity to explore the heritage - Tung Chung fort just around the venue too

Ruby H.

MJS CATERING AND PRIVATE KITCHEN is a hidden treasure. My booking was fallen onto their day-off yet Zurath was so nice to cook for us. It was my first time to try Parsi cusine. Food was awesome and in big portion. We liked the steam fish coated in green spice. Chicken thigh was juicy and was a good match with the long grain rice. The hostess was very accommodating to introduce food, take photos for us and make us feel at home
Nice for something a bit different to the norm. Great experience! Thank you, Zurath!!

Sheeba K.

We had an amazing arabic dinner meal with delicacies like chicken liver that are hard to find anywhere else in Hong Kong. The food is good and the location is in a calm relaxed area. Zurath is a great host and he was very prompt in his reponses. We would love to visit again for more..

Scott E.

I've missed eating Iranian food so badly as the nearest Iranian restaurants to HK have been in Taipei, so it was fantastic Zu prepared an Noruz (Persian New year) feast for us yesterday. Made it the perfect start to Spring and the new year, and I can't wait to go again and try more of his cooking!!