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Cooked With Love

Shamini P. from Malaysia


About the kitchen

At Cooked With Love, Chef Shamini brings out her passion for delicious and exquisite comfort food, fully Vegetarian - presented to you right in her home! Anything cooked with Love, will always be very delightful and delicious! Her culinary delights is a sum of Malaysian Indian taste with a twist of the Western world, sometimes Asian! Chef Shamini is extremely conscious of health and taste, thus gives much importance to the quality of her work. She uses pure natural ingredients and very less processed stuffs. Her circle of friends and family just loves and adores her cooking and the hospitality she provides, so why wait? Give it a go and experience mouth-watering both local and international dishes now!

You can find her on social media
Instagram: @shamscookedwithlove
FB: Sham's Cooked With Love

What you get for the bucks you pay is hearty and appetizing!
The menu can be pre-planned when you book. It's completely your preference.
Message chef and check with her what are the menus at her kitchen :)
Vegan options available for all menu options.

All meals will be served with a sweet ending and not forgetting a nice cup of Indian Masala Tea or Bru Coffee with fresh cows milk to complete it all- only upon request.

By the time you are done, you are going to have a happy smile on your face and a very happy tummy to bring back home. :)

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  1. NameShamini P.
  2. LocationMalaysiaKuala Lumpur
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay, Tamil
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 10
  2. MealsLunch at 12pm onwards and Dinner at 7 till 9pm
  3. House rulesStrictly no smoking as I have children at home. You can bring your own wine or beer!
  1. Bio

    My name is Shamini, a working mom to 2 beautiful children. I've been always very passionate about food and cooking since tender age. I am Malaysian born and I've moved around within the country during young age so I picked up local favorites from all the states we stayed, to name a few; Penang, East Coast - Kuantan, Ipoh and now Kl. As part of my work, I've traveled around Asia Pacific, and picked up many food-related skills, both eating and cooking, which I would love to share with everyone! I am recognized for my abilities in the fusion and savory kitchen, and value cooking with locally-sourced ingredients.

    My culinary principal is to create a variety of appealing and scrumptious vegetarian dishes that not only does good to your body, but also creates a healthy mind! I've gotten many amazing reviews from my guests that has come so far. So why wait? :)

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Value for money

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gowri n.

It was a splendid lunch with our host @ Chef Sham! The table was lovely and the house was clean and well kept! The menu was good! We started with some watermelon and masala chai which was very nice. the appetizer and main course was an excellent choice of western vegetarian . The highlight was the dessert! It was good and pretty too!

Gudrun H.

Lovely food and lovely host! Thanks again :)

Anjanee  S.

Lovely food and good hospitality.. Keep it up!!

Elaine C.

I head to chef Shamini's place whenever I crave for proper, wholesome, flavorful, scrumptious Indian food. This is my 2nd visit and I'm not looking forward to stop going there anytime in the near future!

Dagmar L.

Everything was just perfect. I loved the food and Shams house. Thank you for everything. 💕

gemma c.

Shamini was so accommodating to our party and did everything she could from the moment we requested our booking until the moment we left her lobely home- even helping to organise transport. She was patient when we had to rearrange dates and made a special effort for a birthday.
The food was ABSOLUTELY delicious and I will definitely we back here with friends and visitors. A really unique and personal experience, can't recommend enough!

Mark D.

Had a fantastic time at Sham's. We had to rearrange the date twice and she was very accommodating. The food was delicious, we particularly enjoyed the Lychee custard dessert. Would highly recommend.

Rejaul I.

Shamini was a delightful host and as an Asian myself, the food reminded me of a home away from home. This was my last night in Malaysia and it was a great way to finish it!

Richard B.

What could be better than to eat a marvelous dinner in the company of friendly people while enjoying the hospitality and culinary artistry of your hostess? That is what you get when you eat at Shamini's home. It is informal, delightful, and memorable.Top notch and great value.

Aeron  B.

My friend and I first became aware of Sham & her Plate Culture dining experience after seeing the very favourable reviews on Trip Advisor. As a vegetarian and avid fan of Indian cuisine I was very keen to have a meal at Sham's. We had to re-schedule our reservation as Sham was no longer able to host for the date that we had originally booked for, but this wasn't a big deal for us. Communication by Sham leading up to our meal was very clear and timely.

We greatly enjoyed our dining experience at Shamini's! Joining us for lunch were three of her friends/cooking class pupils, who were also local Malaysians. We very much enjoyed their company and had some great conversations over some very tasty meals and Sham was a very hospitable hostess. Part of the plate culture experience which is so unique and in many ways priceless, is the opportunity to eat in the home of a local chef and their family and have a more authentic, off-the-beaten track meal experience that most tourists just won't experience during their stay. It's a far more intimate dining experience and you learn more about the food you're eating and the people who are preparing or enjoying it with you. The thing to bare in mind is that you're not dining at a silver service or Michelin Star restaurant but rather somebody's home. The emphasis is more on the quality of the cuisine and the unique experience and hospitality than lavish dining surrounds or exclusive crockery and cutlery.

Having been more familiar with North Indian cuisine it was great to try something a bit different and Sham's meal is a unique fusion of North and South Indian together with local Malsysian ingredients not usually associated with sub continent cuisine. The entree which was a pokora/bhaji dish was sublime as was the dessert. The briyani was also delicious. I was the only exclusively vegetarian person at the table so I had a small serve mushroom masala and shared a vegetable dish with the others. Butter chicken was also served for the non-vegetarian diners. Whilst I enjoyed the main, I am used to having protein as a central ingredient. So whilst no "blown away" by the main dishes, still very much enjoyed them.

Price wise, it represents pretty good value for the meal alone. Certainly, a similar dining experience would cost considerably more (perhaps several times more) in our home town of Perth, Australia. But as previously stated, the unique dining experience and culture encounter certainly makes dining at Sham's exceptional value. So if you are seeking quality food made with fresh qualify ingredients, made and served by an accommodating and hospitable host in her own home, you can't go past this!

Stephanie Y.

We had a wonderful experience with chef Shamini, a lot of valuable cultural exchange and food was excellent , we sure look forward to our next visit .

Fuad S.

I had a great overall dining experience at Shamini's. First she let me into her kitchen to show me how to make fresh chapatis and then let me cook my own. After that we had a few courses of very tasty South Asian cuisine. When she served each dish, she provided us with background information about it and answered any questions that we had. She was very personable, warm and informative. Everything was fantastic and I would highly recommend it.

Elaine C.

Warm & friendly 1st impression. We were introduced to other guests upon our arrival. Friendly household. Easy going and accommodating even though we present at chef's place approx 30 minutes later than our scheduled time. Shortly not too long after our introduction our food was served. Food presentation is enticing, scrumptious and smell is salivating. Healthy, home cooked food served warm in adequate portion. Ms. Shamini has set the bar for Indian vegetarian food so high that I doubt I'll visit stalls for it. Definitely a recommended place for your first experience!

Renuka S.

The food was so good, we had the nyonya curry laksa. It was done in perfection. And the lychee pudding is to die for. Was a whole new experience for myself and husband to be, coming from Malaysia itself, I will definitely recommend Chef Sham to all my friends. We felt like home especially her kids and mum. It was totally a Malaysian culture feel. And Chef Sham on her own is so pleasant and warm. Thanks for having us.

Sarah O.

We had a lovely evening at Shamini's house, the food was all so delicious and the company lovely too. We will definitely visit again next time we are in KL - thank you again Shamini for welcoming us into your home! Xxx