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Shamini P. from Malaysia


About the kitchen

At Cooked With Love, Chef Shamini brings out her passion for delicious and exquisite comfort food, fully Vegetarian - presented to you right in her home! Anything cooked with Love, will always be very delightful and delicious! Her culinary delights is a sum of Malaysian Indian taste with a twist of the Western world, sometimes Asian! Chef Shamini is extremely conscious of health and taste, thus gives much importance to the quality of her work. She uses pure natural ingredients and very less processed stuffs. Her circle of friends and family just loves and adores her cooking and the hospitality she provides, so why wait? Give it a go and experience mouth-watering both local and international dishes now!

You can find her on social media
Instagram: @shamscookedwithlove
FB: Sham's Cooked With Love

What you get for the bucks you pay is hearty and appetizing!
The menu can be pre-planned when you book. It's completely your preference.
Message chef and check with her what are the menus at her kitchen :)
Vegan options available for all menu options.

All meals will be served with a sweet ending and not forgetting a nice cup of Indian Masala Tea or Bru Coffee with fresh cows milk to complete it all- only upon request.

By the time you are done, you are going to have a happy smile on your face and a very happy tummy to bring back home. :)

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  1. NameShamini P.
  2. LocationMalaysiaKuala Lumpur
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay, Tamil
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 10
  2. MealsLunch at 12pm onwards and Dinner at 7 till 9pm
  3. House rulesStrictly no smoking as I have children at home. You can bring your own wine or beer!
  1. Bio

    My name is Shamini, a working mom to 2 beautiful children. I've been always very passionate about food and cooking since tender age. I am Malaysian born and I've moved around within the country during young age so I picked up local favorites from all the states we stayed, to name a few; Penang, East Coast - Kuantan, Ipoh and now Kl. As part of my work, I've traveled around Asia Pacific, and picked up many food-related skills, both eating and cooking, which I would love to share with everyone! I am recognized for my abilities in the fusion and savory kitchen, and value cooking with locally-sourced ingredients.

    My culinary principal is to create a variety of appealing and scrumptious vegetarian dishes that not only does good to your body, but also creates a healthy mind! I've gotten many amazing reviews from my guests that has come so far. So why wait? :)

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Value for money

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Ameeta V.

It was surely an interesting and unique dining experience, Shamini. Vegetarian food, at its best! Also loved the little birthday surprise too! Thank you :)

Hui C.

We wanted to try something different for our anniversary dinner. Instead of going to a fancy restaurant like what we had been doing for the past few years, we opted for quality good food this year. Chef Shamini was very accommodating when I requested for a weekday dinner and no onion, garlic & shallot vegetarian Indian food. The food came in big portion and was very delicious. She also made us non-caffeine Indian coffee and a yummy lychee pudding! We had a good time! I am going to her cooking class in July and we are planning to try her Nyonya Thai food with our toddler soon. If you are a vegetarian who loves Asian/Malaysian food, you have to try Shamini's cooking!

Janaki C.

Shamini's cooking was awesome, I loved her loaded potato skin starter, it was perfect with sour cream topping. For the 1st time we tried vege lasagna, her's was spinach lasagna, didn't expect it to be soooo yummy.. and the dessert.. lychee pudding, hmm.. that was my husband's favorite. We started with spiced tea and ended with masala milk tea both complementing the dinner so well. Overall it was a great experience dining at Shamini’s residence and we thoroughly enjoyed the food.

Noor Habiba M.

Me and my young companions went western for the day and we were served with an amazing 4 course meal. The stuffed mushrooms were super yummy and was best eaten alone without the need of extra sauces , the spinach and cheese lasagna with a side salad dressed in a gorgeous peanut flavoured Mayo sauce was amazing and the dessert was the bomb!! Lychee custard in a cute jar..light, yet creamy. Had there been space in our tummies, we would have gone for another jar each . And the spiced tea, so refreshing and warming at the same time. And the host, Chef Shamini made every moment feel so much at home and the kids and me would definitely go back for round two. Thank you Shamini for the wonderful experience ❤️

Krystle T.

We've known Chef Shamini for some time now, she is such an awesome cook and a beautiful person by nature. Chef Shamini's house and mine is 15 minutes away. My friend Uma and me left home early not to be late. Well, it rained and rained like crazy and Waze took us on a merry go around. We ended up at her place about 9.15pm. Now this is a journey, the lesson was "even good food doesn't come easy". And, we anxiously waited for our dishes. The herbal tea was just too good. We enjoyed every dished that were served. Every bite was so yummylicious and infused with love. We both loved the dessert so much, it just melts in the mouth giving the taste buds a superb workout.

Emalina A.

Vegetarian would always have super limited choices to dine out : it would either be Indian or Chinese vegetarian as their option. They could not explore freely with the food limitation. Home cook meals would be the best solution to try out variety of cuisines… well only for those who can cook. Shamini have break the boundary by trying to infuse different style of cooking and still remain vegetarian. The dinner prepared during the evening were a fusion of Indian + Italian / western cuisine. Throughout the night, there is always a story behind each food that were prepared and Shamini were kind enough to take us through each process of the food preparation. Lychee and Jello Pudding - it
was a family recipe passed down by Shamini’s Grandma. A generation long recipe surely would be something to crave on. It was truly an enjoyable experience with fulfilled tummy and new friendships.

Shantini P.

I was definitely overwhelmed with everything about this type of dining that chef sham had offered us. Food was amazing with a variety of dishes and everything tasted so good and different. Each plate was designed perfectly well to complement each other l would say. The pudding she served for dessert was out of the world! I would definitely reccomend everyone to sham's place for an awesome dining experience that you will not regret at all. Value for money is 100% guaranteed!

Kugan K.

Shamini is an excellent cook. Definitely enjoyed her cooking. We were all so full by the time we left with her delicious food. The vegetarian lasagna was great! She was also very generous with the portions. Thank you and looking forward to having dinner there in the near future. All the best!

Colleen T.

Spiced tea a bit bland.
Stuffed baked mushroom was good.
Fruits were simple.
Veggie lasagna was good, but a bit too heavy. Needed something to cut through the fat and carb.
Dessert was amazing, super light and fabulousbwith the caramel sauce, one of the best I've had.

Ramesh S.
Ramesh S.

We had such a memorable and enjoyable lunch at Shamini's place. Every dish was beautifully presented and tasted delicious. It was very refreshing to start our meal with fresh juicy fruits, and the welcome tea was very soothing too.

As the the other courses started coming in, we enjoyed everything about it. The hot crispy spring rolls were a nice simple start to our meal. My mother in-law being a food fussy person really enjoyed all the main course dishes, particularly the vege stir fry and the nyonya style vege fish sambal. Only the vege Pandan chicken needed a little more spice and flavour.

The rest of the dishes were really a delight to our tastebuds. To top it all, the dessert was just too good. The warm bread butter pudding with the cool vanilla ice cream was a perfect compliment to the whole meal's sweet ending.

Last but not least, Shamini's place had a great homely ambience which made our kids and us really comfortable. We would surely drop by again to try her western cuisine. Looking forward to it!

Ramesh S.

Overall a good wholesome hearty meal. Special mention to the herbal tea and bread butter pudding which were lovely to the tastebuds. Rest of the dishes were nothing less than above average.


The dinner at Shamini's was as expected - delicious through and through. The surprise elements were in the fact that she managed to get my non vege loving kids to thoroughly enjoy her very creative vegetarian dishes - I too loved them the most especially the tortillas . Have to make a special mention about the butter pudding desert too - mind blowing .. . We loved the whole experience of having a full 3 course meal and a formal sit down dinner - most of all loved the pointers she had given on the meals. Will definitely do this again ... She is after all a very talented cook and a very humble and pleasant host.