Shamsul Anuar Y.

Cooking Class With Celebrity Chef Arm.( Malay Traditional Dish ).

Shamsul Anuar Y. from Malaysia


About the kitchen

The Cooking Class will take around 3 hours. I'm going to teach 5 different types of cuisine-based on Malay tradition herbs, spices and salads.

1. Mango Salad.
2. Chicken Rendang.
3. Fish Curry.
4. Fish Assam Pedas.
5. Seafood Tom Yum.


  1. NameShamsul Anuar Y.
  2. LocationMalaysiaRawang, Selangor.
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay, Indonesian & Japanese
  1. GuestsMaximum 7
  2. MealsLunch / Dinner
  3. House rulesYou are welcome to bring your own alcohol and you can also smoke in the living room in front of my house.
  1. Bio

    I was a Malaysian Celebrity Chef, TV Host, Recipe Book Author, Food Magazine Writer and Ambassador for food product. I am very interested in the world of cooking since childhood. I really enjoy cooking traditional Malay Cuisine based on herbs and spices. Before I was a celebrity chef I have worked in several restaurants, Hotel, Resort, Nightclubs, Fast Food Restaurants, holding the position as a manager and Executive Chef. I also had the honor to be the Chef from the Malaysian Chef Association, World Chef Association, Malaysian Book of Records, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Information. I also have a Diploma In Culinary & Hotel Management.

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Value for money

Where is home restaurant located?


Helen  L.

I did not know what to expect when I turned up in Rawang but I had a fantastic morning, learnt lots of things about Malaysian cooking and ingredients. The food was delicious, although we had put lots of chillis in all the dishes none of them were too spicy for us to eat. The venue is an interim stop for Chef Arm and I think when he is settled in his own house it will be much better suited to cooking classes.
Chef Arm is very friendly, and made us feel welcome and it was easy to ask questions and learn a lot. He gave us all a copy of some of his book as a momento.
I think once he has moved we will try and go back for another class.

Esmaliza I.

Eventhough I am not familiar with Sg Buloh it is worth the journey. The food are awesome and the taste are divine since I am die hard fan of authentic Malay cuisine. The best part it is easy to prepare and Chef Amr are very passionate to explain to me the cooking methods. The best and the easiest kerabu mango I have ever had. TQVM Chef and it is very sad that you are leaving Malaysia by this year end. Wish I have more time to learn while you are still in Malaysia.
Warmest regards,
Esmaliza Ismail

Sylvia L.