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You are what you eat. For centuries, this has been the basis of most cuisines across the world. But it was Ayurveda, the 5,000 year-plus-old Indian health science, which first introduced the art of ‘personalised cooking’. In fact, it went a step further by demonstrating how not only what you eat makes a difference but how it is prepared also makes a difference.
Based on the understanding of the unique combination of Vata (Ether), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water) that constitutes the human body and balances its life forces, the Ayurvedic cuisine encompasses dishes made with such combination of food that optimises these elements in the human body. Often considered as the father of Indian vegetarian cuisine, thanks to its plants and plant produce’s heavy usage, Ayurveda in its journey to evolve dishes that create the perfect balance in the body has also introduced most of the cooking styles that are termed healthy today, like pan frying, roasting, steaming and blanching.


  1. NameSeema ..
  2. LocationMalaysiaKuala Lumpur
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay, Gujrati,Hindi,Marathi
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 8
  2. MealsChoose from two Classes -10.30 am or 6 pm
  3. House rulesNo smoking please..You can bring your own Alchole.No pets please as the building does not allow them.
  1. Bio

    Cooking is my passion.Everyday is a new day for me as a student to learn something new.I am freelance Artist and conduct Art Classes.Travelling is my hobby and I explore good food in the country I visit.
    I am born grown up in India with rich culture and heritage seeing mother preparing sun dried pickles,chutney and preserving sauces for the whole year for the family and storing home ground spices.
    come and dine in a clean environment with healthy vegetarian dishes.

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Nunnapas P.

She is so great.. so patient with us teach us very well all the spices, recipe and delicate cuisines
We had a wonderful time and we highly recommended

Anjie B.

My parents really enjoyed Seema's cooking class. She showed them some delicious dishes, opened up her home and encouraged conversations with her family members too. Thank you Seema for treating my parents so kindly!

Urš K.

I had wonderful time cooking with seema. I enjoyed her hospitality and warmth almost as much as all the food we prepared together and the extra dishes she prepared for me to try. She is flexible with the menu, very well organised and her vegetarian dishes all full of flavor and all the nutrients our body requiers. I loved every bit and bite of it and would love to join her classes again anytime!

Jave W.

The whole cooking experience is wonderful! We get to have hands on experience as well as learning more about the culture and indian cuisine. The chef has introduced us to her culture as well as some homemade recipes on indian cuisine. Learning from her is just great!

Andrew H.

Great time with Seem a! Very informative and fun.

Reply from  Thanks Andrew for choosing Masala Library.Let me know about the future cooking experiments and its review. Goodluck for your future Journey.

Marta K.

Seema was a lovely host. We signed up for a cooking class and she asked us what we wanted to learn. We let her choose the menu and she came up with four tasty vegeterian dishes, explaining everything step by step and telling us all about the spices and techniques she was using. She even showed us how to make home-made cheese and chapati when we asked about it, so it couldn't have been better. Thank you Seema for a lovely evening and we can't wait to try out your recipes!

Reply from  Hey Marta, Your interest to learn Authentic Vegetarian food encouraged me.It was a great time together and in future if you need any advice or tips on Indian cooking just email me on

Yong E.

As a typical Malaysian, when I came across Mama Seema’s dishes, which mentioned Indian Vegetarian food – my mind was just stuck with the image of banana leaf rice, dal, rasum, fried vegetables and probably fish or chicken curry. Well at least, there’s where I will go for if I’m craving for Indian vegetable food.

That proves me so wrong. Mama Seema gave me so much insights of the variety of Indian vegetable food, specifically on Gujarati food. She started with a brief introduction of her country and her upbringings, which lead to her fantastic cooking skill. Mama Seema made me a cup of Indian tea with mint leaves and cardamom, it looks like Teh Tarik but the taste is simply refreshing! Then, Mama Seema demonstrated how to hand make the perfect rounded chapatti and puri with all her little tools brought all the way from her home in India. Honestly, if I wasn’t see it myself, I would have thought that must be a machine rolled chapatti and puri. That is a living skill that took years to perfect. Strongly suggest guest to give it a try!

The other dishes on the tables are eggplants with peanut, dal, 3 colour-layered fried sandwiches (the concept is very similar with Hong Kong Peanut Butter Toast, but this has 3 layers and different fillings – chilli sauce, potato and grinded cilantro paste), basmati rice and my new found favourite dessert, Sweet Yogurt with cardamom and saffron. This golden yellow in colour dessert is already inviting by its look. Such a perfect way to end the meal with a healthy yogurt dessert.

Mama Seema home and kitchen is so neat and tidy, been cooking for the family since 12 y/o and then continuing cooking for her family in Malaysia, Mama Seema definitely master her flavour well. She has bottles of spices in her fridge and cabinet – all the way air flown from Indian every time when she went back to her hometown. All dishes were well-balanced and definitely not over taste nor too strong. Coming from the perspective of a Chinese who doesn’t use much spices, this is something I definitely can accept and in fact, I can eat this everyday!