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Cucina di Greenie - Satisfying Tuscan Dishes

Greenie S. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

I have only developed my interest of cooking after I met my husband. He inspires me to all kinds of new dishes and volunteer to clean up every time after I cooked. Since then, hundreds of friends have tired and fallen in love with my cooking. My favourite cuisine is Italian hence I have lived my dream and went to Tuscany for a professional culinary training.

Come try my cooking! I would love to share my passion with you. Hopefully I will earn your appreciation and you will fall in love with my food just like our friends did.

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  1. NameGreenie S.
  2. LocationHong KongMid-Levels
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Mandarin, Cantonese
  1. Guestsminimum: 4, maximum: 10
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesYou are welcome to bring your own alcohol but sorry smoking is not allowed in the apartment.
  1. Bio

    Born in Hong Kong and grew up in Canada, I favour Western over Chinese food. Though my mom cooks amazing Chinese dishes, I think of food as a staple and had zero interest in replicating it.

    My cooking adventure begins when I met
    my husband, my interest exploded, started to perfect every ingredients that lands on my hand. Our life become a food adventure of experimenting new recipes at our free times.

    A 90 days diet program changed my perspective of eating well and healthy, eversince I was determined to create and share healthy yet tasty recipe with everyone we know.

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Martina P.

We were group of 6 enjoying Saturday dinner at Greenie S. and we all loved it! Food was excelent Greenie did modification of menu for us due to allergies and everything was just incredibly tasty! Her husband did excelent job with serving us (provided decanters, water). We had fantastic dinner out with feeling like at home in your own livingroom. Greenie&her husband look after us perfectly! We would definitely come back.

Maggie T.

Very comfy space and great food. Greenie is such a food enthusiast and knows every ingredients so well. We had a great night!

G Y.

It has been such a wonderful evening with extremely well designed food and hospitality attention.

Paul C.

Fantastic evening! It was my first plate culture experience - exceptional. Very smart and well kept apartment, the food was cooked to perfection and a great menu (we went for the wine pairing option). We sat at the bar so we're able to view the chef in action yet have our own space. The food really was exceptional and I will definitely visit again. The host, Greenie and her husband were very welcoming and charming thoughout. Aside from the food, it was their character and personality that contributed to such a great evening. I highly recommend.

Davina B.

Greenie and her husband were extremely friendly and welcoming. Food was of high equality. We enjoyed the whole experience and was especially impressed with the foie gras gelato. Highly recommend it to everyone who's looking for an authentic Tuscan experience!

Clara H.

Had an amazing dinner at Greenie's. She is very hospitable, setting of dinner is professional, food is great. I can see Greenie had put a lot of thoughts into the menu and the ingredients she is using. She and her husband was wonderful company to us and this made the night even more enjoyable. Thank you Greenie for having us and will definitely be back soon!

Adela A.

Greenie was a wonderful host and chef. She has great attention to detail and you can really taste the authenticity and love she puts in her food. Would definitely recommend anyone to try!

Jaclyn W.

We enjoyed the thoughts and passion Greenie has shown from the thoroughly described menu and the matching results. Her home is spacious and comfortable with clear connection to the open kitchen. Quality of food and service experienced at their chef's table is modest and professional. We will most definitely recommend Greenie to anyone looking for a relaxed environment with a refined Tuscany touch.

Rie F.

It was an amazing dinner with very open atmosphere.
Greenie's cuisine was all impressive & delicious.
My friends & I will definitely come back to try more dishes.
Thank you, Greenie & her hubby!!

Wendy S.

It was my first time trying Plate Culture. Initially, I was a little nervous about going to a stranger's home for dinner but obviously it did not disappoint me at all. My boyfriend and I had a wonderful dinner experience with the lovely couple of Cuisine Di Greenie.

The dinner started with some homemade flatbread, thin and toasted to crunchy perfection, along with a nice selection of Spanish Red.

Then came the starter of Arancini DI Riso which went perfectly well with a very rich and creamy homemade tomato sauce.

The pasta course was a nice homemade ravioli with egg and ricotta. I am an egg lover and I was looking forward to it when I saw it on the menu. The pasta was made of three different flavors which gave it a very unique presentation. The ravioli was cooked to perfection with a runny egg yolk that blended well with the ricotta and the pancetta sauce.

The main course of Sous-vide pork chop and slow roasted onions was amazing!! The onions were sweet and aromatic after slow roasting for 3 hours.The pork chop was tender and the seasoning was good.

The dessert course we had a homemade chestnut pie with chocolate custard. The pie crust was really good and the filling was rich with just the right amount of sweetness. I don't really like chestnut that much but the crust that made with chestnut flour was SO good and it did impress me!!

Overall, a very nice and cozy experience!! We enjoyed the finely prepared food, the warm hospitality and the wonderful sharing of Greenie's cooking adventure. Thank you again Cuisine Di Greenie. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

Terry Y.

If you are looking for the true Italian food in HK, here is the place !

My Tuscan journey started with the surprisingly good Cheese Fondue, it’s so blessed for the cheese lover like me. The homemade bread matched perfectly with the fondue. Another highlight of this 5 course meal was the pasta with poached egg inside. The taste was so good that I was struggled within myself whether I could ask the chef for giving me another round of it ?! After the pasta, the Beef Wellington arrived and the taste and presentation was awesome. However, the portion was already too big for me at that moment. Obviously I had eaten too much at the fondue part (couldn’t resist as it’s too yummy).

Great Place, Great Food and Great Chef ! Highly recommend for Italian food lovers !

Vasanthi  R.

Greenie and her family were very warm and welcoming. The food was delicious, Greenie put in a lot of effort and attention into the quality and presentation of the food. Great night!

brandon l.

we really had a wonderful evening with delicous food. Scallop carpaccio, soup pomme de terre, baked Salmon filet with seasonal still thinking of the home made gelato! each dish was like an art piece.
Greenie and her husband Wein are great host. The top of the evening was lill Princess Adlaine, their 2 year old daugther...with her good night kiss, the evening was sweeter than honey.

Calvin L.

It was a Friday evening up on the quiet hills at the mid-levels of Hong Kong Island where we visited Greenie and Wei, together with their lovely daughter Adelaide.
Their home was spectacular and spacious with this comfortable and welcoming dining area right next to their open kitchen. Food was absolutely amazing right from the very beginning. We were served firstly with the freshest homemade bread coupled with different flavoured-olive oil, the absolute-michelin-plated starters, the perfectly cooked and belly-filled beef wellington, served with THE most tasty mushroom sauce, and last but not least, we were all wowed by the homemade boozy ice cream with a surprising vodka kick!
Both Greenie and Wei were absolutely amazing hosts with great hospitality, passion in cooking and determination in delivering the very best to their guests!! you will totally miss out if you do not meet them (and their food)!
Thank you so much once again such a memorable experience and most importantly, thanks for sharing your encouraging lifestory with all of us!! :)

Iris C.

It was a fantastic brand new dining experience! Greenie was very kind that she made it a private dinner for me and my friend to celebrate my friend's engagement and birthday. She asked us what we like to have, and cooked us good dishes catering our preferences. Greenie's home is very comfortable. Most importantly, we enjoyed the warm hospitality from Greenie and her husband, and hearing Greenie's cooking story. We had a wonderful evening. I will definitely come back. Thank you Greenie! :)