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Dyllon E. from Malaysia


About the kitchen

Comes with the amazing aroma of home-cooked Sri Lankan dishes paired with Ceylon tea. It's comfort food for the soul.

My wife & I will be hosting. We cook Sri Lankan food with local influence. Our specialties are Maldives fish sambal, chicken curry(spicy), coconut roti, Wambatu moju.
All of our spices are brought down from Sri Lanka.

The menu will be depending on the fresh organic vegetables that I find on that day where no curry will be repeated twice once you tasted.

Less oil, spicy healthy food is my concept to take you on a different but more authentic Ceylonese cuisine.

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  1. NameDyllon E.
  2. LocationMalaysiaKuala Lumpur
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 4
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesBYOB is allowed.
  1. Bio

    I am passionate about food. Born and raised in Sri Lanka. Married to a lovely Malaysian and moved to KL. What drives me to cook is craving for my mom's cooking.

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Value for money

Where is home restaurant located?


Jmaes  F.

We have a very nice talk: from Sri Lanka to personal life. If you are looking for exotic food and ideas on next traveling plan (definitely to Sri Lanka), I would highly recommend Dyllon.

Vignesh K.

Me and my mate really enjoyed our time at Dyllon's. Dyllon takes pride in his food prep, spice, technique, and the entire dining experience. He told us elaborately how each meal was prepped and where were the ingredients from. The food was really great, and Dyllon and his wife were great host. We shared our love for music, food and travels. It was a superb experience.

Radha R.

We always feel welcome at Dyllon’s kitchen .Bibi his co host and wife is very warm too and both are exceptional hosts, We are always. keen to hear about his new twist to those who love Sri Lankan cuisine, This time the effort was focused on healthy organic food . It was simple , tasty , healthy and extremely satisfying, just how we like it. Look forward to trying out more of your new recipes Dyllon,

Kuo C.

Great wholesome and tasty food
Great host
Would definitely recommend chef Dyllon to my friends
Thank you chef

Tina G.

The food at Dyllon's Kitchen is highly recommended and is simply amazing with tasteful flavors in the food were remarkable depth. The kitchen is known best for its authentic Sri Lankan home cooked cuisine. The vegetable are organic and super fresh and spicy and delicious menu. I went there twice with friend and colleagues. The chef maintain the originality of the Sri Lankan flavor. The starter and end with dessert was simply out of the world.the house is both clean and tidy with a lot of splendid posters all over the walls and the host greeted my companions and me with smiles. Forget all the fancy shop you have out there, and try this Sri Lankan Cuisine. Well, I know I'll certainly be returning soon.

Abbyrami R.

Went there with my mom and best friend. And my mom and I are vegetarian. Dyllon definitely Awww-ed me when he responded to my message that he can prepare vegetarian Sri Lankan meal. This is rare since being a vegetarian has definitely limit me from trying out different types of cuisine.
The food that was prepared was so tasty, had medicinal benefits, wonderful aroma, ethnic and exotic in flavour.The vegetables that was prepared for us was an ART!
The host, both Dyllon and his wife were so friendly and welcoming.
If you are looking for nice lovely tasty home cooked Sri Lankan food, Dyllon's kitchen is the place.
And for vegetarians like me, you will definitely love this place more. No mock meats were used. Purely vegetable, herbs and spices. Highly recommend this place.
As for my friend, she really loved the food and the dessert that was unique. Ice Cream that we'll scream for more.
Cozy place to dine and we will return for more :)
Thank You Chef Dyllon =)

Ingrida P.

Dyllon and his wife are amazing! This was definitely the highlight of our trip - thank you!!

Kenneth & Hoa T.

We had a wonderful time at Dyllon's place. Dyllon and his wife are warm and generous hosts and went out of their way to make sure we felt welcomed and comfortable. We brought our young son along and Dyllon thoughtfully prepared some non spicy kid-friendly food specially for him.

All of us thoroughly enjoyed his painstakingly prepared, authentic Sri Lankan cooking, which was something you would not find in any restaurant. He even shared with us some of his secrets on how he prepared his delicacies. The food was not only tasty but also healthy, I took his advice on using my hands to make the eating experience more enjoyable and was surprised to find that there was hardly any oil on my hands when I washed them thereafter. The portions were also very generous and even though the food was delicious, we could hardly finish all of it.

Thank you Dyllon for welcoming us to your home and preparing such a lovely dinner for us!

Sanjaya K.

Dyllon in one word = HEART

He puts his HEART into each dish he prepares. Going through elaborate efforts for each element on your plate, that shines through in the perfect concoction of spices of which he is a masterful wizard.

He is HEART when it comes to being an ambassador of Sri Lankan cuisine. Upholding authenticity, right down to the pH level of the cooking water. His chicken curry is as fierce as his fierce passion for life.

none of this 'fluffy' and 'fancy' presentation that you see nowadays....just purely focused on the flavours. Of course HEART-warming hospitality, he and his lovely wife are a well 'ghee'-ed team who cant help but make you feel honoured to be there.

If you want HEART-food that would give your grandma's cooking a run for her money, Dyllon's, no question about it.

Look forward to coming again, brother :)

Chan  Y.

My Parents, two of my boys , me and wife went for this "Plate Culture" for the very first time. We knew it was going to be ceylonese food but did not know what to expect. We do not have any experience of this type of food nor this arrangement .
We arrived at destination late after lots of jam plus going to the wrong place. Dylon and wife was very diplomatic and humble from the very beginning and toured us around his place and best of all , Dylon toured us around the food he made with his wife. There were some rolls and small little pancakes then the rice with chicken , brinjal , coconut sambal (never tried this before) ,telur cincalok and potato salad.
IF YOU GUYS ARE THINKING WHAT NORMAL PPL WOULD THINK , think again. The FOOD was GREAT and cannot be COMPARED with the food you go to places like LOTUS , KANNAN and/or MUTHUS. Its entirely a different world. It'll knock your SENSES out into space. WOW.....my boys finished their servings plus my moms and wifes because the portion was too big for them. I...mmmmmm am NOT sharing mine...Hahaha To Dylon and wife...you'll be seeing more of us. Please bear with my timing. Stay well and stay safe....CHEERSSS Man !!


Dyllon's Kitchen has proved how simple yet flavorful a home-cooked Sri Lankan dishes can be. Every bite leaves an impression on how a Sri Lankan would enjoy his/her meal on a day to day basis. As real and as genuine as it can be.
When I got to try a Sri Lankan type of food, spicyness was my first consideration, but chef Dyllon was very much accommodating of my food preferences especially that I was a first-timer of this type of cuisine. When we arrived to the place, we were welcomed by two gracious hosts-Dyllon and his wife, Bibi. Getting inside their humble abode was like getting inside an art and a music room. Chef Dyllon even played a Sri Lankan song, while the dinner was going on. From the looks of it, you would know how passionate the owner of the house must be about music, art and especially food. And oh, what an inviting aroma it was to make us feel hungry with the food all set on the table by the husband-and-wife-tandem, which they prepared for three hours. As we enjoy every bite, Dyllon was all engaging to answer all my curiosity about the awesome selection of dishes that they have prepared. For dinner we were served: Spicy Claypot Chicken Curry, chef's signature dish Chicken Devil, Fish Ambulthiyal, Brinjal with kangkung, Lamb Wrap, Papadum. Afterwards, we were offered some fruits and tea.
Chef Dyllon's Kitchen provided us a complete Dinner Meal worth more than its price. He guarantees that in all his cooking he uses only organic ingredients, no MSG and every dish must be cooked in mineral water.
That dinner, left this lasting impression on me: a sumptuous dinner, a great company, welcoming hosts and great conversations. What makes Dyllon's Kitchen a place worth of visit is his noble intention of showcasing to the world his passion for cooking the food he grew up and found comfort with.