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Elena L. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

There isn't a Spaniard in the world who does not brag about the country's gastronomy, and of course I'm one of those! For that reason I would like to introduce it to you in the most Spanish way possible: eating tapas and enjoying a glass of wine while we have a good conversation.

We have 3 different menus with several courses, all of them inspired in the delightful traditional Spanish cuisine. I'm sure it will surprise you through color, diversity, and an incredible fusion of different tastes. If you don't find that Spanish dish that you would like to try, I will be happy to adapt our menu to cater to your food craving.
If you have a special celebration, such as birthday, anniversary or farewell, just let me know and we can customize the dessert of our menu for the occasion without any additional cost.
When Homemade Fruity Sangria is included with the menu, it is approx. 2 glasses per person. Feel free to bring your own wine.

Usually our lunch/dinner spans about two hours captivating the senses of our guests who want to remember their last trip to Spain or those who would like to discover the one of the most diverse gastronomy in the world.

All our delicious dishes are cooked with extra virgin olive oil, which is well-known for its health benefits in lowering cholesterol and control insulin levels. In fact, this is the key reason why the Spanish cuisine is healthier than other Western cuisines.
A large majority of the ingredients that we uses in our menu are bought in the fresh market due to we are concerned about the quality and, at the same time, the sustainability of the local businesses.
Contact me if you would like to have only vegetarian dishes in your menu or if somebody has any dietary restricction.

The maximum number of guests is 10 people and I have to pointed out that we really love the big groups. On the other hand, the minimum number of guests is 4 people per event. Less than 4? No worries, just join to any of our events or contact me to coordinate with more people.

As most of the dishes require fresh products and some preparation, please contact us two days in advance (minimum) to arrange the event.

Any other thing? Just press the envelope icon and ask me! :)

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  1. NameElena L.
  2. LocationHong KongWan Chai
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
  1. GuestsMinimum: 4, Maximum: 9
  2. MealsLunch/Dinner
  3. House rulesFeel free to bring your own wine (please remember that our menus include approx. 2 glasses of Sangria or Red Wine). You can use the balcony for smoking.
  1. Bio

    Although I was born, raised in one small town in the North of Spain called Leon, I’ve been living in HK for two and a half years. I love the outdoors and spend time hanging out with friends, but the hobby that I devote more time is cooking – I exchange recipes with my mum, but also I usually surf on Internet searching innovative recipes with new flavours. Also my husband loves cooking, so frequently we have to toss up to see who is going to cook and who clean the plates  We would love to come and taste our Spanish dishes!

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Value for money

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Natasha B.

It was my first time participating in a PlateCulture dining experience and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Elena and her husband were very hospitable, really friendly and the food was one of a kind. 10/10!

Kitty L.

This was our first time using plateculture and how I'd describe our experience w Elena and Juan is just... wow! We had such good food at their beautiful home....with great friends. I've never had such good Spanish food in Hk before this but Elena's food really feels authentic and the fact that they joined us for dinner it became a cultural experience as well. All in all, it was great thank you Elena and Juan for having us on a Thursday night!

Zelia C.

Very impressive experience! If you love Spanish food, you must find Elena:)

Flora  W.

Food was good but can be better. I like the cold soup and Paella. It's a bit expensive for the meal.

Nadine P.

For the second time at Elena`s place and again an amazing experience! I had two Plate Culture newbies with me and we had a lovely evening, lots of fun and delicious Spanish food! See you soon!

Suki C.

It's a birthday celebration for my best friend and the first PlateCulture experience for both of us. Right after I reserved the date, I told Elena about the birthday dinner and she already known what to prepare :). So I basically left the responsibility of this surprise birthday dinner to Elena! It turned out to be a super wonderful night with Elena's and Juan's warm welcoming, yummy homey Spanish food and birthday cake❤️and the company of the 3 other guests! Everything is perfect! We are all from different countries, so it's also a cultural exchange! Thank you, Elena and Juan, for the unforgettable (birthday) night!


Candy T.

At October’s WE Eat, WE Club and PlateCulture took WE Club members to a private Spanish dinner to enjoy authentic Spanish food straight from the home of Elena, a native to Spain. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Elena’s hospitality and her superb homemade Fruity Sangria. Whilst enjoying the drinks, we understood from Elena that the features of Spanish cuisine that distinguished it from other European cuisines were fresh ingredients and the use of extra virgin olive oil for cooking.
Born and raised in a country with a love of fine food, Elena surprised us through three yummy starters! The first starter was the famous tapas! Iberico Ham with Tomato Bread, which was a perfect match for the Fruity Sangria. Classic Spanish Omelette with Potatoes and Onions was the second starter and a popular after-work snacks for Spanish. The last starter was the cute and delicious Beef Jerky Croquettes.
Naturally, Paella, the national dish of Spain, was the main course. We were impressed with the size of Paelle initially but soon found that it tasted as good as it looked! The dissert was a WE Club special – WE Club Rainbow Cake. Inspired by the colorfulness of WE Club logo, Elena spent four hours on preparing this fantastic looking cake, which was very tasty and totally worth the effort.

Ann L.

A delightful evening with Elena and my friends!

My very first Plate Culture experience, I decided to go for a Spanish one while I always trust people and food quality from this passionate country! Elena is a very kind host. Her hospitality impressed me and my friends. I got a surprise from her....... Her fascinating cooking delighted my birthday party indeed! I love her place too, perfectly cosy and tidy. Location is perfect.

I will definitely recommend to all my friends!

Punit P.

Great place. Great couple. Amazing food!

소정 박.

It is my first time to try plate culture and now I really fall in love with this!
Me and my friends had a great time with Elena and her husband Juan.
I highly recommend this special homemade Spanish !
and her homemade fruity Sangria is really the best. I hope many people can try her sangria !

And Elena prepared my bday cake as well.
Thank you so much :) I got very happy memory at her place.

Janet H.

An authentic Spanish dinner.

Dorothy  S.

Fantastico!! Elena is a great chef, and great host. Highly recommended!

Nadine P.

Amazing! I had a lovely time with Elena und her husband. The food was delicious and Elena is a perfect host! We were a big group with mixed people and everyone was so nice. Elena did everything to make us feel comftable. She surprised me and another birthday girl with a special desert. Lovely! Can't wait to book a second dinner at Elena's place. Yummy and thanks a lot! See you soon ...

Alexandra R.

An immersion into warm Spain! Elena and Juan were most enjoyable hosts, from accomodating dates etc to the actual evening. The food was delicious - just like being in someone's home in Spain. We all.had our favourites. The paella won us all over, and each other tapas was someone's favourite.

Boni L.

Elena and her husband, Juan, served up a delicious Spanish tapas feast. Their modern flat in Wanchai provided a comfortable and relaxing environment for a great Spanish dinner. There was iberico ham with tomato bread, salmorejo, Spanish omelette, croquettes, paella, homemade Sangria, and more. A lot of the ingredients were brought all the way from Spain, courtesy of Juan and Elena's luggage. Everything was so delicious, I just couldn't stop eating. I have not had authentic paella and Spanish omelette for a long time since I left Europe. By the end of the night I was absolutely stuffed. There was a lot of attention to detail to the meal, from the printed menus to the surprise dessert which was different for every dinner she's hosted. However, food is not it for Eat Spain Up! It's the lovely and friendly hosts that made it a fantastic evening. The hosts were great company and we really enjoyed learning about Spanish cuisine and the culture. Highly recommended.