Eli S.

Eli's Latvian kitchen

Eli S. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

If you are curious how tastes a mixture of Russian, Polish and even German cuisine you are more than welcome to try Latvian traditional dishes at Eli's mixed kitchen.
You can find a lot of vegetable dishes in Eli's mixed kitchen and vegan lunch and dinner as well. This is the only place where you can try the real sourdough bread baked by Eli's dad from ancient Latvian recipe.
Eli's mixed kitchen is located in a quiet village where you can get away from the loud city and enjoy the view of mountains and lush greenery. You can also see Tsz Shan Monastery from roofterrace wich will be used for dining at the right weather conditions.


  1. NameEli S.
  2. LocationHong KongTai Po
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Russian, Latvian, Spanish, German
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 4
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesYou can use roof terrace for smoking and you can also bring your own drinks. Dinner should finish not later than 10pm.
  1. Bio

    I am 29 years old Latvian living in Hong Kong for almost 2 years. I am an artist and I was working as an art teacher before I had my baby girl. I have lived in London for 7 years where I met my lovely husband who also happens to be Latvian. Latvia is a very small country in Northern Europe and we have a very delicious cuisine and vibrant culture. I have had interest in cooking since I can remember. My mother always cooked amazing meals and baked cakes which were out of this world! My passion is to cook dishes from my country and also dishes from other cultures. Very often I cook vegan meals.
    Latvian cusine is a mixture of Russian, Polish and even German dishes, so if you would like to expierence Northern Europe in one place ,you are more than welcome to join!

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Value for money

Where is home restaurant located?


Jennifer  T.

Lovely and special dishes

Nicole L.

Great food. Great vibes. We had a relaxing night with inspiring combination of food. The host family is very friendly and nice that they tried their best to change the menu because of my food allergies. This is definitely more than just a normal dining experience but it was also about the Latvian culture. The place is very neat and tidy. Everything was so perfect! 100% sure that I am going to come back for another one!

Chris W.

This is my wife's wonder birthday dinner.
I love it!

Angela C.

What an absolutely fantastic birthday choice. The food from start to finish was on point. Host was perfect and made sure we had enough to eat as well as topping us up with some awesome Latvian home grown tea. A definite recommend and also in a beautiful location too. We were both made to feel very welcome x

Andy L.

We booked a table for 4 - communication was smooth from the start and we found the place easily. Eli and Minus were such gracious hosts and the food was delicious! The beetroot soup was, in particular, very tasty. Great atmosphere and conversation. A true masterclass in Latvian culture and Latvian cuisine!

Amber C.

Great! Delicious food and entertaining hosts. Recommended

Kristy L.

The hosts are friendly and their place is cozy. It's my first time having Latvian food but absolutely mind-blown! Love it!

Diāna Ā.

Eli is a very skilled cook, I have tried many different dishes cooked by her and it has always been amazing in taste, texture and presentation. I would certainly enjoy her cooking again!
As well as being very innovative and experienced at cooking, she is just wonderful to be around! Always full of jokes and exciting stories, she is a great hostess for all her events/gatherings at her lovely apartment in the outskirts of Hong Kong where you can expect to escape the rush of a city and sit down for a nice, relaxing meal.

Marta B.

Eli cooks very nice food, and you have to try her mashed potatos! They taste just like home! The foods she cooks are so good you can't say no!

Tommy V.

Some of the best food around. Definitely check it out!

Mikus S.

Eli can cook many different meals and still put all of her heart in! Amazing home made food that everyone should try!!!