Sarah & Punitha

English Afternoon Tea

Sarah & Punitha from Malaysia

About the kitchen

Cuisine type: English Afternoon Tea. I would love to bring back the typical English afternoon tea. Guests can expect Scones, various types of cakes, finger sandwiches, savories, sweet pastries and a nice hot pot of tea.

It is believed that credit for the custom goes to Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford in the early 19th century. The usual habit of serving dinner between 8 and 9 pm left the Duchess hungry and with a 'sinking feeling' by late afternoon. To stave off the hunger, she would order tea, bread and butter and cakes to be served in her room. Later on she would invite friends to join her at her home and the light tea was such a success the habit caught on.



  1. NameSarah & Punitha
  2. LocationMalaysiaKuala Lumpur
  3. LanguagesEnglish
  1. Guestsmaximum 20
  2. MealsTea Time (16:00)
  3. House rulesGuests can bring their own bottle. My parties are min for 10 guests.
  1. Bio

    It's two of us friends Sarah & Punitha who love hosting private parties.

    Sarah loves Afternoon Teas and brunches, the traditional sort with the tiered plates and the finger sandwiches and little cakes, scones and clotted cream. Some of her earliest childhood memories were when parents took her for cream teas whenever they were in the UK. And mum being English, always had a Victoria Sponge cake or a jam rolypoly in the pantry for sweets.

    She had been working a 9 to 5 job without feeling fulfilled. Eventually came to a decision that it was time for her to do something that she would enjoy. For a whim she threw an Afternoon Tea party and had friends over. It proved to be a hit. Over tray bakes and subsequent home cooked dinners she realized that cooking was that very something she was looking for and took that road naturally. She believe that guests who comes to her home should never leave it hungry.

    Punitha on the other hand is of Chinese and Tamil ancestry. She loves cooking too but her love for eating has superseded that.
    Sarah and Punitha met many years ago, but their food relationship and friendship has grown even stronger since Sarah moved to where she lives now. She recently did up her house and it's the perfect place to hold small social events.


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Value for money

Where is home restaurant located?


Sheila Philip
Sheila Philip

Beautiful location. Nice ambience. Friendly hosts. Thank you for sharing your home with us!


A real gem for a real PlateCulture experience. Very engaging hosts, with lovely place and so much interesting and personal stories to share over a real British cupcake and muffins styled afternoon tea! Highly recommended!

Sara K
Sara K

It's a one-of-a-kind of party. I got to taste pastries and sandwiches laid beautifully on three tiered trays. The view of the pool adds to the calming and cosy experience. If you're looking to spend a relaxing afternoon with delicious sweets, you must try this. If you're lucky, the host will pack for you extra snacks which you can take home.

Nadin Y
Nadin Y

Enjoyable afternoon meeting new friend and wonderful hosts.