Nancy H.

European Fusion Gastronomy by Naz Kitchen

Nancy H. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

Featured European gourmet kitchen infused with the freshest blend of Asian touch. We all love nice surprises so I am going to create the 'omakase' menu from the freshest seasonal ingredients (please state your preference or dietary restrictions during reservation). All are self-taught home recipes inspired by the real passion in cooking through years of persistence in striving for best quality and dining experience.

Here is the place to be if you are a true foodie fellow who loves to meet new friends. Come and join us for a fabulous dining experience!

"We have 2 adorable young kids at home. Please make sure that you and your friend don't have allergic reaction to noises by little men as that may impact your expectation on the dining experience"


  1. NameNancy H.
  2. LocationHong KongNorth Point
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Cantonese, Mandarin
  1. GuestsMinimum: 4, Maximum: 8
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rules1) There is no corkage so feel free to bring your own bottle (decanter will be provided) 2) No shoes is allowed in the apartment 3) Kitchen closed by 11pm 4) Limited parking space available upon request. Please check during reservation
  1. Bio

    Born and raise in Hong Kong, I appreciate the art of cooking since I was young with the influence from my granny who is the most talented home chef. I pick up various way of cooking as my life passion through travelling and experience in the world cultures. Bon appetit!

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Jennifer Y.

I went to Nancy's private kitchen for my husband's birthday party with group of our close friends. I wanted his birthday celebration to be private, cozy, fun event with great food. 8 of us had an amazing experience with everything we wanted for a special night. Nancy and her husband were extremely welcoming and went out of their way to make sure we are comfortable. The food was amazing with sophisticated presentation and high quality of ingredients. Menu was well thought out, beautifully presented using seasonal flowers for decoration, perfectly prepared and cooked food. The fish cooked in a bag to keep the moisture and flavor (French Bouillabaisse) and slow cooked beef trio that included high grade US beef, Korean 1++ beef and Japanese wagyu (two main menu choices) were extremely impressive. We ended the dinner with vanilla soufflé for dessert but i must say all of her menu was delicious and impeccable. My friends complimented that her menu (if not all) was far better than numerous high-end restaurants they have been to. I highly recommend Nancy's private kitchen if you want a special night with extremely amazing food and amazing hosts. Thanks Nancy for wonderful private kitchen experience and for wonderful memories for the birthday party we will always remember!!!

Alex L.

Thank you Nancy, we had a great night. The food was delicious. We hope to revisit with a different group next time. Let us know when you roll out a new menu!

Vanessa H.

We had a great time dining at Nancy's. The food was excellent and each course was presented beautifully. Our evening flew by being pampered by Nancy and her team.

Shirley C.

This was my first PlateCulture experience and it was absolutely brilliant. It was a girls' night and everything was exactly how it should be.

The ambience was fantastic. When I arrived, table has been set up, lights were dimmed and music was playing in the background (great choice if soundtracks by the way). Nancy's place was spacious, clean and very cozy. They have what girls would describe as a "dream kitchen" which made us want to pick up cooking straight away haha!

Nancy and her husband made such a sweet cute couple and they are just sooooo nice and adorable. As hosts, they were friendly and warm but were not overly intrusive. For every dish, Nancy would explain the ingredients of dishes and may be how they were prepared, then go back to the kitchen preparing the next dish. We could see Nancy and her husband working in the kitchen because the kitchen doors are transparent and it was a scene that brought a smile on our face, they are just so cute!!

All the dishes were delicious and we really appreciate the careful and thoughtful choice of fine ingredients. My favourite was the grilled asparagus with the 63 degree organic egg and truffle. Nancy was very generous with the truffle and the taste and presentation of the dish could only be described in one word, PERFECTION. The baked camembert cheese with mixed nuts and honey was my other favourite of the night, it is so different and I didn't think I would like it but the taste and the texture were absolutely wonderful and we were all very impressed with this dish which Nancy came up with on her own. The poached pears in crumble and wine and vanilla ice cream was great too. I don't normally like cooked fruit as they tend to be very sweet and mussy. The pear in this dessert was just right, not too sweet in itself and you are still taste the freshness and flavour in the pear. Perfect when served with vanilla ice cream.

I had the Korean Pork Schnitzel in Wasabi Mayonnaise as a main. It was nice but I thought it wasn't as impressive as the other dishes. Not that it is plain or anything and on any day I would love to have this pork. I had two slices of french baguette which was served with the appetising slow-cooked garlic and was simply starting to feel full by that stage. The oil used to fried the pork cutlet was probably slightly too high so while the cutlet was juicy, tender and perfectly cooked, the crust was slightly on the browner (rather than the normally preferred golden) side.

Other than that, overall the presentation of the food was excellent, we'd say professional fine-dining standard and definitely photo-worthy. Say for the grilled asparagus and the pan seared scallop, Nancy used flower petals which made the dishes colour and also added a pleasant fragrance. Nancy said she picked up the presentation skills by visiting fine-dining venues around town and we think that she does a much better job in presenting the food than lots of places around town! Wish we could upload photos of some of the dishes here, they were so pleasant on the eyes <3<3<3!

We are already speaking to friends about coming back again, can't wait!

Peter P.

Nancy and her husband are nice couple and they prepared an enjoyable meal and presented warm welcome for me.

Dorothy K.

Amazing experience chez Naz Kitchen. Nancy is a very talented chef and wonderful host. We would love to come back again!

lena c.

Thank you both for the amazing & fascinating experience! On top of the heart & mind & hard work behind the professional presentation & perfect taste, the welcoming hospitality and the joy of understanding and sharing your inspiring passion has made tonight a most unique experience for me. A definite recommend! Thank YOU!

Ellen T.

Nancy and her husband were wonderful hosts. The place was clean, atmosphere nice and homey, and the food was prepared with passion and we thoroughly enjoyed the meal. In particular, the main courses, pork and the fish, were spectacular. Very impressed with Nancy. Thank you again. Will definitely go again.

Vivian T.

What a wonderful experience we had at Nancy's! The food was superbly cooked and the produce of excellent quality! Our group of 7 ladies had a wonderful time in a most relaxing and cozy environment!

Evita I.

Wonderful dining experience at chef Nancy's home. We enjoyed every dish from start to finish.

Jacky D.

I had such an amazing dining experience with my partner at Nancy's place. The food is delighted and the hospitality is excellent. I would definitely recommend Nancy's to my friends.

Vincci L.

Nancy and her husband were very welcoming and showed great hospitality from the moment we walked through the door. She is a wonderful cook and clearly put in a lot of thought and effort into not only the aesthetics of each course but also into building the complementary flavours of each dish. Since my friend and I were joined by another group, we all ended up chatting past midnight. Delicious food, great conversations, intimate atmosphere. Wouldn't have asked for more from my first PlateCulture experience. Naz Kitchen is awesome!

Jackson L.

This is one of the best and most enjoyable meals I have had in the last 12 months in HK. Nancy is a great host and her food was just simply amazing. She was fun to chat with and she took her time to take us through her cooking process, style and philosophy. We absolutely loved the experience.

Bianca W.

We joined Nancy's cooking class and she was very attentive. Our output (for mostly beginners) was relatively impressive. Nancy was a great host and we can't wait to go back for dinner some other time!

Robert D.

I am a real foodie and love dining at restaurants so I wasn't sure what to expect eating at a home private kitchen. I was very positively surprised - the set up is very professional with a modern open kitchen and plenty of room for a big group to eat in the dining area outside the kitchen. The food was super tasty and very well presented - we could even provide suggestions for our menu when we booked which was very nice. It was clear the quality of the products used was very high as everything tasted fresh. Our hosts were also warm and friendly which adds to the experience. We will be going back to eat again for sure - I think a special occasion is ideal as the experience won't disappoint. I tried to think of any negative points but not easy to find one - maybe only negative is the husband's jokes 😊