Sanaa E.

Glob' Traiteur : tasty and healthy Mediterranean kitchen

Sanaa E. from Malaysia

About the kitchen

Welcome to the generous Mediterranean kitchen !

You can choose one of this three menus, mix them or ask me something new.

Menu 1 : French
- starter => vol au vent served with salad
- main course => chicken cordon bleu with ratatouille and potato gratin
- dessert => île flottante or crème brûlée or fraisier

Menu 2 : Italian
- starter => tomato brushettas or mini pizzas served with feta and black olives salad
- main course => lasagnas or spaghettis alla bolognese served with hot olive oil and parmesan
- dessert => panna cotta or coffee tiramisu

Menu 3 : Moroccan
- starter => batbouts (small breads) filled with kefta (Moroccan spiced beef mince) served with Moroccan tasty sides
- main course => Chicken or fish tagine with vegetables served with Moroccan bread
- dessert => Moroccan honey cookies with mint tea

I also can prepare vegetarian, gluten free or vegan menus

Feel free to send me messages to know more about me and my kitchen :)


  1. NameSanaa E.
  2. LocationMalaysiaJohor Bahru
  3. LanguagesEnglish, French Moroccan
  1. GuestsMaximum 4
  2. MealsDiner
  3. House rulesHalal food. No alcohol.Possibility of gluten free, vegetarian or vegan menus.Children are welcomed.
  1. Bio

    Born in France and originally from Morocco, I learn a lot thanks to my double culture.
    Since small, I like cooking and learn recipes from passionate persons everywhere. I enjoy discover the world and share with people I meet.
    Cooking tasty and healthy dishes is my passion.

    Come and taste the most healthier and tastier food that I can offer to you.

    My hearty welcome to you :)

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