Mai N.

Halal Vietnamese Kitchen

Mai N. from Malaysia


About the kitchen

Halal Vietnamese home-cooking with fresh & high quality ingredients and lots of passion.

My name is Mai, a Vietnamese living in KL, Malaysia.

Vietnamese food is light, uses less oil, always keeping balance between meat and veggies; making it one of the healthiest food in the world. We use spices sparingly to flavor food, making usage of fresh and high quality ingredients all the more important.

My nose & my tongue is really fastidious. They never compromise with bad ingredients.
I would drive to a market which is far from my house to get 'ayam kampung' (organic chicken) - alive and slaughtered at spot after got selected. The same goes for beef, I would choose either local beef or Australian beef. I can overcome all the hassle, 30 minutes to find parking, just to buy eggs in Cold Storage.
Cooking is my biggest passion, besides traveling. My cooking has been trained since I was small by my mother and sharpen day by day.

I was a full time working woman when joined Plateculture. So a little time opening on a weekend is a chance to meet friends and introduce Vietnamese food to others. Plateculture has brought me many friends in Malaysia, both expatriate and local. Now I'm a full time mother, hosting guests both lunch and dinner. My cooking is mainly Vietnamese food, primarily Ha Noi cuisine.

My menu for a meal will be started with some fresh - green salad, finger food, following by rolls, heavier food; then fill the space in your stomach by noodle or rice. Last but not least is dessert. I am sorry for not listing a fix menu because Vietnamese food is various. I want to introduce different dishes following seasons and traveling Viet Nam's food map from north to south.


  1. NameMai N.
  2. LocationMalaysiaSubang Jaya
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay, Vietnamese
  1. GuestsMaximum 16
  2. MealsLunch and Dinner
  3. House rulesOur house is very friendly to children. Pet should be outside. Smoking outside of the house.
  1. Bio

    I was born and grew up in Ha Noi in a typically Hanoi family. I met my husband when we were traveling in Siem Riep. He was the bridge bring me to Islam. We settled in Kuala Lumpur after married. I was an Area Sales Manager for a company from Netherlands, and decided to quit the job for personal plan since ramadan 2016. Cooking is my hobby. My intention to open our humble house and receive guests is to bring you authentic Vietnamese food and halal. And introduce you healthy food without MSG, artificial flavours or colourings. Everything is made from scratch as traditional way.
    Lunch at 13:00
    Dinner at 19:00
    Cooking class from 10:30 - 13:30. We'll have meal together with what we have cooked. Welcomed tea & Vietnamese coffee.

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Jeff R.

We had a wonderful time experiencing a delicious Vietnamese dinner with such a warm and hospitable host. Thank you for a memorable evening.

Meree O.

It was my first experience with plateculture and I made the right choice! Mai Vietnamese cuisine was my first choice because it's my mother's favourite food. Loved the experience and Mai and her family are lovely. The food was excellent! if you are looking for delicious halal Vietnamese food, try Mai's home made cooking. It's excellent!

Adlin A.

My friends and I had a lovely time with Chef Mai. Her food was delicious and her knowledge on Vietnamese cuisine made it an even more enriching experience. We would love to try all her other cuisines in future. Thank you, Chef Mai!

Nadia M.

Wonderful experience and great hospitality.

Peggy W.

Lovely meal prepared by Chef Mai. First experience with real authentic Vietnamese food. Will go back and try other menus.

Joden P.

It's make me miss Vietnam. Especially the coffee!!!! <3

Reply from  Hi Joden, you can come anytime for the coffee. :)

Yana G.

The food is very nice & impressive & give me lots of new ideas .
I just love it & may revisit Chef Mai.

Nadea K.

The dinner went fine. The food was great and the chef was friendly. We had nice conversation about a lot of things.

Nazifa N.

My first time trying and it was better than i thought!! Will definitely try agaib whenever I get the chance

Rowaida S.

Loved the food! Mai and her husband were very helpful and friendly. They explained how to eat the food and what everything was, which was a big bonus since there were many things that I had never seen or tried before. Many of the vegetables were new to me. I also happened to leave my camera at their house and they were very helpful to suggest a meetup somewhere in KL. I would not really demand a meetup from them but it was very nice of them to do that. I really cannot recommend them enough !

Illy A.

Mai and husband are very friendly and the food they serve is yummy too! Would totally come back for more :)

Rafidah A.

I am used to Southern Vietnamese beef noodles so being able to taste Nothern Vietnamese at Mai's place was an eye opener. I totally love her spring rolls and the prawn cutlet wrapped in sugarcane stick. I never had that before and looking forward to try it again :)

MohdHelmy M.

As a Muslim, finding a good & halal Vietnamese food in Malaysia is very difficult. I always enjoy the experience tasting food from other culture & country. And for that, From Mai Home is great place for everyone. The food is authentic and tasty! Would definitely come back to try other recipe. Worth to visit & must try!

Evelyn N.

Very authentic & delicious Vietnamese HALA cusinces at From Mai Home where I can get all various local dishes. Really satisfied taste of food & services!!! Many thanks to Mai!

Rahimah P
Rahimah P

We were really enjoying From Mai Home foods. My friend liked it too much :) and so did I. We will come back again.