Kristen P K.

Heavenly Homely Delights

Kristen P K. from Malaysia


About the kitchen

I love entertaining people and enjoy being entertained too. I do Lunch or Dinner. And it's HALAL!
Lunch begins from 1.00 - 3.00 pm,
Dinner begins from 7.30 - 9.30 pm.
Menus will vary according to the theme and season.

I cook hearty healthy dishes ranging from local to international. Specially prepared favorite home food passed on from generation to generation with a touch of tradition and comfort to the heart and right into your satisfying "break basket". And you will be able to discover a delightful palate of exquisite flavors on a variety of home culinary combinations.

So "food for thought and all you got right from the pot"!


  1. NameKristen P K.
  2. LocationMalaysiaSelangor
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Mandarin, Malay, Spanish, Malayalam, Tamil
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 7
  2. House rulesGuests are welcome to bring their own wine. Feel free to make yourself at home. No pets. No smoking inside the apartment.
  1. Bio

    Hail from the historical state of Malacca filled with various traditions and authentic cultures. Lived in Singapore and traveled to a couple of countries in seek of great knowledge as well as to expand my horizons. Now, permanently based in Malaysia for the past 16 years, I inspire to spread my food to everyone across the globe crossing borders. So I leave a legacy of my late mum's authentic culinary delights handed down to me together with my very own creative culinary innovations! My food is healthy prepared without MSG, artificial flavor and coloring.

    Only three things that keep me happy and going as an aspired chef which is Great Food, Good Music and Amazing Friends! So come join me in my journey of Gastromania to explore more!

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