Francesco G.

Homemade Italian food

Francesco G. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

My wife and I will be hosting. We love home made Italian food, simple dishes, good quality raw materials, mainly imported from Italy. And we love to invite our friends to have dinner with us. I bake my own bread (if I have time), and change quite frequently the menu. We love salads and pasta (bolognese, carbonara, squid ink, vongole, it really depends on the mood!). We get great quality steaks, which I love to eat almost rare (and on this my wife disagrees). We enjoy wine and sake.

The menu for our Plate Culture guests will change but anything can be agreed prior to your visit. And I am happy to come over and cook at your place too!


  1. NameFrancesco G.
  2. LocationHong KongRepulse Bay
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 4
  2. MealsBoth
  3. House rulesNo smoke. And have fun!
  1. Bio

    Been 11 years in Asia, travelled across 50 countries. Food is culture and is a gift to be shared. I believe in the hospitality of the nomads. Or, like for the mediterranean people, who offered bread and salt to their guests.

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Nora J.

This is my first PlateCulture experience, and a very memorable one. My grannies were in town and we were five, all with different dietary requirements. Francesco tailored the menu completely to our needs and was patient throughout the process of discussing what might or might not be suitable. I have been to so many different Italian restaurants in Hong Kong and none would give you quite the same experience. Francesco and his wife are amiable and chatty, and Francesco cooks homemade, authentic dishes that you get to enjoy quietly and at your own pace, a rarity in buzzy Hong Kong.

When we arrived, the starters were all laid out on the table - mostly veggies (eggplant, peppers, salad, olives, and tomatoes with basil) and parmesan cheese. Francesco made us focaccia which he had fermented the night before and baked just for the occasion. It was delightful with a crisp, salty crust and a tender crumb. After that, we were served a clear vegetable soup, tomato spaghetti with tuna and olives, roasted lamb chop and slow-cooked roasted pork ribs with polenta. The spaghetti was simple, yet flavorsome. Everything else was exceptional, especially the pork ribs which were mouth-melting. The dessert was a chocolate mousse made very much in the provincial way with a simple recipe (or so I believe), paired with a light tea with herbs, both of which were very good, marking a perfect end to a special night.

I highly recommend Francesco and would definitely be coming back. If you are craving homemade Italian or looking for a more personal dining experience, this would make an excellent choice!

Michael C.

This was one of the best meals I've had since I moved to Hong Kong five years ago. I'm still dreaming about the lasagna and pork knuckle. Homemade bread, steamed fish... Everything was excellent. Not to mention great company. A kind and generous host. A very pleasant experience.