Sarah L.

Hot Bread & Googly Eyes

Sarah L. from United Kingdom

About the kitchen

We come from an unidentified, floating island.

Our kitchen makes food.

Our island has been seen off the shores of Italy, Israel, Iran, and Japan. As a result, we have successfully made: mushroom risotto, roasted chicken with clementines and arak, morgh-e shekam por, as well as niku-jaga.

Expect to encounter different cultures through sight, smells, sounds and tastes! See also: homemade bread.


  1. NameSarah L.
  2. LocationUnited KingdomLondon
  3. LanguagesN/A
  1. GuestsMaximum 2
  2. MealsDinners
  3. House rulesFeel free to bring drinks if you'd like. However, smoking in the flat is not allowed.
Earn dining credits
Refer a friend and get up to 100 USD.
Earn dining credits
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