Nur Akmal M.

House 14 FOOD and STUFF

Nur Akmal M. from Malaysia

About the kitchen

Home cooked has always been awesome when treating friends and families because each munch carves a smile.

House 14 Food and Stuff design meal in its modesty setting but rich in its rich thick taste.

Menu #1 the eastcoast

*Startup - fruits or pulut nyior/ikan bilis kembong
*Mains -nasi dagang (coconut milk rice steamed with fennugreek spices, onions and ginger.It is eaten with Gulai Ikan Tongkol, a spicy fish red curry cooked with tuna and a hoard of spices and with fresh mix of pickle veges and lime)
*dessert -pulut sotong/ketupat sotong or ice choco blended or ice cream

Menu #2 the Penang - anak mami recipe
*Startup - fruits
*Mains - white rice with anak mami fish curry (ikan senangin), fried vege, ulam(fresh vege), sambal belacan and telur dadar (omellete).
*dessert - cucur udang or choco blended or ice cream

Menu #3 nogori style
*Startup - fruits
*Mains - white rice, ikan keli salai masak lemak cili api pegaga (smoked catfish in tumeric coconut milk gravy with herb) or ayam masak lemak minang(spicy), ikan kering goreng (fried salty fish), sambal belacan, ulam (fresh vegetables) or fried veges
*dessert -ice choco blended or ice cream

Menu #4 madras
*Startup - fruits
*Mains - briyanni rice, chicken kurma, fried papadom and with fresh mix of pickle veges and lime)
*dessert -ice choco blended or ice cream

Menu #5 western
*Startup - homemade mushroom soup with garlic bread or mixed fruits
*Mains - smoked salmon/ grilled honey chicken/ grilled bbq beef with fresh mix veges and nuts/ coleslaw, mashed potatoe with fresh herb
*dessert -ice choco blended or ice cream with fries and wedges

Menu #6 fusion
*Startup - pulut nyior/ikan bilis kembong or fruits
*Mains - fried spaghetti/ singapore fried meehoon served with additional ayam masak lemak minang and fresh mixed veges
*dessert -choco blended or ice cream

Menu #7 just western
*Startup - homemade mushroom soup with garlic bread or mixed fruits
*Mains - spaghetti chicken bolognese / beef lasagna / baked macaroni cheese served with coleslaw and mashed potatoe
* dessert -ice choco blended or ice cream

Be ready for a surprising lunch pack themed of fruits or soup startup, home cooked mains menu and stuff giveaway.

Not to forget, an ending with a desert for the day.

Lunch/dinner packing are available only weekends


  1. NameNur Akmal M.
  2. LocationMalaysiaPetaling Jaya
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay
  1. GuestsMaximum 15
  2. MealsLunch, Dinner or daily lunchpack menu available upon request
  3. House rulesNo alchohol and pork please
  1. Bio

    I am an architect who loves to cook and sketch in her free time. I was born in Kuala Lumpur, but grew up 12 of my young years in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. Even after my family moved to Melacca, I was still spending my 5 years life in a boarding school at Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. And also, get to experience 1 year living in Changlun, Kedah.Then, finally I'm living and moving around Selangor area. But partly what also makes me, is my father origin of Terengganu and my mother birthplace Penang. I am a mix and nomad of many things. So i love travelling to experience and learn and improve more on myself. Yeayyy

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Value for money

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Nur Hidayah M.

Such a friendly host with many stories have been shared. The ayam masak minang was spicy and delicious too. We enjoyed it much.