Sunita P.

Indian Food With Love

Sunita P. from Malaysia


About the kitchen

Indian food has a rich reputation as one of the world’s great cuisines. There are a variety of dishes that suits any kind of taste bud. From plain bland dishes to very spicy and yet mouth watering dishes. My food is made with a wide range of spices. Come enjoy the ambience of our home and love and hospitality of our family and mouth watering taste of our home cooked meal. We promise that you would come back for more.


  1. NameSunita P.
  2. LocationMalaysiaSubang Jaya
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Hindi, Tamil, Sinhalese
  1. GuestsMaximum 8
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesGuests can bring alcohol. Smoking is not allowed. We don't have any pets.
  1. Bio

    I love preparing a good meal for my family and anyone who comes to my home. It's always a pleasure to hear awesome comments when your home made food is appreciated. I have never taken cooking classes. I learned cooking from my mother because she was a really awesome cook who cooked just about any dish. I loved watching her prepare dishes for our family. All those spices coming together in her love and the end result being so great. I remember being with my mother in the kitchen every time it was possible to help her cook, with the thought that one day I will cook just like her. It was so much fun preparing meals that my mother already knew how to make, and sometimes exploring new recipes. In fact to me being a great mom and wife means being great at everything you do for your family and being a great cook was the main thing. Today I am really thankful to my mother for those experiences because these days I am told that I prepare great food. :)

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