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Indian Food Workshop Kuala Lumpur

Ruth I. from Malaysia


About the kitchen

29 states, 1618 languages, 6400 castes, 6 religions , 6 ethnic groups, 29
major festivals & 1 country! Nothing quite like India.
Mangalorean Protestant Cuisine is a one of a kind experience. Heavily influenced by the German & Portuguese missionaries and yet retaining the local flavours in all it's splendour the food I teach you to cook is certainly extraordinary (in my opinion). Join me as I take you on a nostalgic journey to the kitchens of my great grandmother, grandmother and mother- outstanding women and exceptional cooks. You will learn traditional recipes like Thuppada Annao, Pijamma's Pepper Poulet, Uppu Motte, Pachdi, Kohli Gashi, Vindaloo, Gerubeeja Payasa and more. To know what this is come and find out for yourself. Minimum time required 3 hours. Ingredients and printed recipes will be provided. And we will sit down and enjoy the meal together after the cooking spree. For more recipes visit my blog theversatilehousewives dot com

" We may live without friends, we may live without books;
But civilized man cannot live without cooks."

The Dinner Hour

Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st earl of Lytton (1831–91)

From “Lucile”


  1. NameRuth I.
  2. LocationMalaysiaKuala Lumpur
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Kannada
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 8
  2. MealsLunch (11:00)
  1. Bio

    I come from a family of great cooks. All the women (and some of the men too) are accomplished in the kitchen and I started cooking at the age of six- well helping my Mum and eating quite a lot too. I love experimenting in the kitchen and you won't find this kind of food anywhere in Malaysia. I am no longer with this group. Find me on facebook or withlocals. Follow me on instagram at the versatile housewives and for more recipes visit my blog the versatile housewives dot com.

    Mangalore is the chief port city of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is located about 350 kilometres (220 mi) west of the state capital, Bangalore. Mangalore lies between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghat mountain ranges, and is the administrative headquarters of the Dakshina Kannada (formerly South Kanara) district in south western Karnataka.
    Mangalore derives its name from the local Hindu Goddess Mangaladevi. It developed as a port on the Arabian Sea—remaining, to this day, a major port of India. Lying on the backwaters of the Netravati and Gurupura rivers, Mangalore is often used as a staging point for sea traffic along the Malabar Coast. The city has a tropical climate and lies in the path of the Arabian Sea branch of the South-West monsoons. Mangalore's port handles 75 per cent of India's coffee exports and the bulk of the nation's cashew exports.
    Mangalore was ruled by several major powers, including the Portuguese and diverse with several languages, including Tulu, Konkani, Kannada, and Beary bashe. And so we are blessed with a variety of mouth watering cuisines.

    From there to Kuala Lumpur is a long way indeed and over the years I have honed my skills in every way. I have always wanted to teach people how to cook and the time has come to share my expertise with the world.

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Hanh V.

Ruth is a wonderful host! She's incredibly knowledgable and fun to spend time with. We learned SOOOO many delicious recipes and she made everything easy to follow. I was intimidated by Indian cooking prior to this class, thinking that I would never be able to cook it. But after Ruth's class I feel both confident and inspired about cooking Indian food and will continue my hand at making these delicious recipes.

Mangalorean food is quite unique and tasty! Ilya, Simone, and I really enjoyed learning about the history and how it shaped the food culture in Mangalore.

I can't recommend this experience enough. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and really arms you with the knowledge that you need in making home style Mangalorean food.

Spending time with Ruth, is like visiting a family member, she's warm, kind, and generous with her time and space. We are so grateful to have met her family and hope to continue our friendships moving forward.

Rajasingam S.

Really enjoyable experience. Very personalized teaching and lovely dishes prepared. My learning curve is improving. Lovely atmosphere here too. Would recommend it to anyone learning to cook.

Emila O.

We had a wonderful time at Ruth's cooking class. The food preparations were easy to understand and she helped in answering all our questions. The dishes were great for a person that is just learning to cook Indian food, and we felt very inspired to cook at home. The taste was delicious and the colors of the food were very appealing. We had 9 dishes together with Ruth and her family, we were so full after a wonderful meal, plus desert. We would definitly recommend this cooking class experience to anybody :)

Reply from  Thank you very much Emila and Rasmus. My family & I enjoyed meeting both of you and I am so happy you liked the class.

Malgorzata R.

Both Ruth and her daughter Ranita were very friendly and easy going. She has a wide cooking knowledge and she is willing to share that knowledge with others. Also we learned some interesting facts about India. Overall they make you feel like at a nice, home dinner. What's important - the food was great! Totally different than indian food you can find in restaurants. Great experience!

Reply from  Thank you for your kind review. My daughter and I enjoyed meeting you both. Looking forward to hearing about your culinary tales with my recipes.

Ruby M.

Ruth and her daughter were wonderful! We had the best time and really enjoyed the food and the experience. I would highly recommend doing Ruth's home cooking classes!!! :)

Zuzanna C.

I attended the class with my 2 friends. Aunt Ruth was absolutely amazing! The communication was great from the beginning, she made sure we will be learning recipes with ingredients we all like. The class was fun, and we learned a lot both about the family history, Karnataka's culture as well as the Indian cooking tips. Everything was really healthy, and the dishes were all absolutely delicious - from salads, to curries and spiced eggs. I'm really looking forward to cooking the recipes I just learned myself - especially that Ruth equipped us all with some of the ingredients already! I'm really more than happy and the class completely exceeded my expectations.

Alex H.

My girlfriend and i spent a great afternoon with Ruth, her daughter and two other guest. We prepared a lot of dishes, all were veeery good! Ruth knows also a lot of healthy food. It was an interesting and inspiring experance.

vincent o.

The host was very friendly and we enjoyed the cooking experience. We finished off with an excellent dinner with the family.

Vincent M.

This experience was booked for us by my son, so I wasn't sure what to expect. From the moment we arrived we were made very welcome. Ruth had obviously been very busy with all the preparations, so all the fine peeling and chopping had been done. Ruth and her lovely daughter introduced us to the range of spices we would be using and explained what they were and how they are used.
Then it was time to get aprons on and move into the kitchen. Here we were encouraged to take turns crushing, stirring, mixing, pouring, getting involved with the cooking while Ruth explained how and when different meals were eaten and the alternatives or extra ingredients that could be used. This took us into the history of Mangalore as well as learning about different vegetables.
When all was cooked we were ushered into the dining area while the food was dished and decorated. Then came the proof of the pudding - the eating. Delicious!!!

Ute & Helmut
Ute & Helmut

My husband and I really enjoyed lunch with Ruth and her family and chatting about this and that - time really flied by. A lovely first expierience with Southern Indian cuisine, nicely 'tuned down' to European taste.

Mike Lynch
Mike Lynch

Great family experience learning to cook indian cuisine together. Ruth had done most of the preparatory chopping so it was a cooking experience. Lots of good answers to our questions about alternative ingredients. Good variety of dishes including having catered for our son who doesn't eat meat. Very enjoyable lunch as we all sat down to eat afterwards.