Namrita & Preetesh D.

Indian Food you would NEVER find in a restaurant!

Namrita & Preetesh D. from Malaysia

About the kitchen

Come prepared to experience a hearty meal of Indian dishes you would never find in a restaurant!
While we love our naans, tandoori dishes and curries, we want to introduce our guests to the lesser known and humble everyday dishes eaten in Indian homes.

The meal experience will consist of a starter (typical street food of India), two main dishes (one from the West and from the South), a North Indian dessert, all washed down with a glass of flavorful buttermilk.

My husband and I will be hosting this dinner and we are excited to share our home, food, and culture with you!
We hope you join us for an evening dedicated to making new friends, discovering new dishes and having a good time!


  1. NameNamrita & Preetesh D.
  2. LocationMalaysiaSubang Jaya
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Hindi, Telugu
  1. GuestsMaximum 4
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesGuests are free to bring a bottle of wine. Smoking is allowed in the balcony.
  1. Bio

    My husband and I are both originally from India but belong to different states, religions, and cultural backgrounds. If you are familiar with India - that IS a big deal :) We can regale you with many tales of how we worked our way through it as we enjoy dinner!
    We have traveled extensively and have lived in many different countries. We enjoy meeting new people and learning about different perspectives from all over the world. We believe that this continually teaches us to be tolerant and open and be respectful and appreciative of diversity in this great, big, beautiful world!

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Leng Wai A.

This lovely couple is very friendly and is both great chefs! For starter, we had puri. Firstly, we had to make a small hole and then stuff some green beans, potatoes and sauce in it. They advise us to take it all in one bite! (That’s the way you enjoy PuriJ). After that, we were served with Poha, the flattened rice. Pesarattu-Green bean pancake was served. We ate it with special made chutney. Last but not least, we were served with Majjiga, a special yogurt drink. It was very soothing. They were both very engaging and we had a great conversation about almost anything. It was a great evening well spent and I can’t thank them both enough.