Clara S.

Jakarta Cooking Class & Lunch

Clara S. from Indonesia

About the kitchen

Indonesian authentic cuisine


-Gado-gado (Indonesian Salad with peanut sauce)
-Soto Ayam (Indonesian coconut chicken soup)
-Sambal goreng daging (Beef/tofu/seafood with spicy tomato sauce)

2. Coconut Heaven

-Sayur lodeh (coconut curry vegetable)
-Bakwan Jagung (corn fritters)
-Chicken rendang (slow cooked chicken with dried curry sauce)
-Nasi kuning (yellow coconut rice)


  1. NameClara S.
  2. LocationIndonesiaJakarta
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Indonesian
  1. GuestsMaximum 8
  2. MealsDinner, lunch, cooking classes
  1. Bio

    Daughter-mother team Siska and Mrs. Clara run Jakarta bed-and-breakfast. This B&B is a traditional Indonesian home where typical ceremonies like birthday parties and anniversaries take place, allowing guests the chance to see the "real" side of Indonesia (the family is of the North Sumatran Batak tribe).

    Mrs. Clara's English is excellent and her cooking even better. She holds traditional Indonesian cooking classes, with students regularly hailing from foreign embassies, travelers from other hotels and local expats. If you enjoy chili peppers, peanut sauces and curries, lemongrass, turmeric and tamarind, then you will love Indonesian food.

    Our Indonesian cooking classes are completely hands-on. We provide the ingredients and recipes. Learn from our chef Mrs. Clara, who has been working in the catering business for decades.

    You can do the cooking class with us first, enjoy lunch together after, or simply just come for lunch or dinner. Let us know your preference! Hope to see you soon.

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