Joanne K.

J's Kitchen for Home Cooked Meals

Joanne K. from Malaysia

About the kitchen

It's a 1+1 kinda kitchen. The chef, me and an accompaniment, ranging from my mum to my best friends to assist and entertain.

I am a Hokkien Malaysian who likes to experiment with different recipes and adapt from documented recipes. The theme of meals covers from local malaysian food including family recipes to eastern cuisines as well as western cuisines.

All dinners are also accompanied by games such as charades, card & board games.


  1. NameJoanne K.
  2. LocationMalaysiaPetaling Jaya
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese
  1. GuestsMaximum 4
  2. MealsBoth
  3. House rulesHouse Rules are very simple, no smoking inside but just outside at the common area. Ash flicked in ashtray provided. Alcohol is not provided so BYOB. Keep the place clean as if it were your own home. And pls, no spitting.
  1. Bio

    Fun. Outgoing. Sociable. Loves meeting new people (apparently i'm a very people person). Generally I love entertaining guests and cooking.

    I never knew I had it in me till recently and I realized that the ability to cook is inherited. My mum is a great cook and I am glad I inherited this from her.

    I love trying new food and love to cook different variety of food. I cook Chinese, Italian and also Western.

    I believe that food brings people together. Many stories are exchanged and many funny moments to cherish. Coming from a family who loves good food, I've learnt that bonds are made to last over food.

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The aroma outside the house was oh so inviting to Chef's Joanne's Home-Cooked Chinese Dishes that by the strong smell of it- you are definitely up for a tummy-filling awesome Chinese good food. Chef J was busy preparing the final set of her dinner meal when we reached her place. Our first taste of the night was the double boiled lotus root soup. A perfect nutty start for the rainy cold weather. We were then served with braised bentong ginger chicken. Aside from it was her signature dish what makes it even more special was the " bentong ginger" that was used to complete the dish. A different kind of ginger that gives a little bit of spicy kick on the meal. The third dish was a generous serving of Crab meat Omelet. And the last dish was stir fry broccoli shitaake mushrooms with prawns. And to complete our dinner we had barley with bean curd sheet for dessert. I must say that the dinner Chef J prepared for us was not so sweet, not so spicy, not so salty - just a great combination of tastes enough to satisfy your curious taste buds.
Now that chef Joanne is with PlateCulture, expect from her to showcase you more of her passion in cooking Chinese meals she grew up with and hosting lunches and dinners in her cozy place away from the city. Great meals served right in front of your eyes in a place that is a good venue to have more intimate conversation with your family and friends. Chef J offers varieties in her meals as much as she can taking into consideration what she can freshly get from the market. Great experience!