Chris L.

Kennel Kitchen

Chris L. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

Kennel Kitchen is the home of a true foodie home chef and animal lover. Your host is Chef Chris (me) along with my friendly furry assistants (two dogs and two cats) and my wife who is also a foodie.

You will be welcomed into our cozy typical Hong Kong apartment home where you will be served classic comfort dishes with fresh seasonal produces from the local wet markets, filled with rich flavours. I will be joining you from my open kitchen where we can 'talk and share' food along with a few laughs!


(1) Due to preparation, please contact us two days in advance for reservations.

(2) We have friendly DOGS and CATS hosts in the house, so PLEASE make sure none of your guests are allergic to or afraid of pets!!

(3) I will be preparing the menu based on the "catch of the day", but you can also make special requests and I'm happy to cater for any special dietary needs.

(4) It's free corkage. You are also welcome to BYOB, just let me know if we need to prepare some extra ice for white/sparkling wine :)

Thank you for your interest!

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  1. NameChris L.
  2. LocationHong KongCauseway Bay
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Mandarin, Cantonese
  1. Guestsmaximum 6
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesI have friendly DOGS and CATS in the house, so PLEASE make sure none of your guests are allergic to or afraid of pets!! You are welcome to bring your own alcohol, but it's a non-smoking area. Dinner service ends at 10:30pm.
  1. Bio

    A local HK home cook, chasing after my food dream. I love food, so I spend most of my time learning about food! I like to eat, cook and learn about different food cultures when traveling. Apart from cooking, I love dogs and enjoy volunteering with my dogs.

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Garron C.

Always great. Chris even provided us a complimentary bottle of Rose since it was valentines day.
Lobster was excellent, scallop was excellent. I unfortunately couldn't stay too long because of work committments, but really wished I could. Great company and a fantastic meal.

Huna S.

We had an absolutely great time at Kennel Kitch. My friend was unfortunately stuck at work which led us 1.5 hour late but Chris and his wife were absolutely fine with it. I took the chance to chat with them and their adorable pets and had a great time.

Food was impeccable (we had the light season set) - it was the best salmon I have ever had. Would definitely come back for more and recommend to my friends!

Chris was also fun and friendly. We had an excellent time hanging out with him and his wife. Their pets are also a MAJOR attraction - their cat jumped to our lap for patting - adorable!

Michelle L.

Cook with heart 😄

George L.

I had been to a few Private Kitchens (PK) in the past. But those I went were actually a small restaurant need advance bookings and they did not have the actual PK feels I would say.
I went to Kennel Kitchen yesterday with a friend of mine and we had a good time. The food is wonderful and I am sure you will find some surprise. The four family memebers are so lovely and friendly (2 dogs and 2 cats actually). Although Kennel Kitchen is located in a small apartment and it is very cosy. The chef and his wife are very friendly and we talked a lot. I would suggest you visit this PK and you will know what I mean.

Doris L.

We had a very special and incredible dinner, which was a little celebration for my birthday with my close girl friends, at the Kennel Kitchen by Chris. We truly enjoyed every bits of the evening from the refreshing aperitif Gin Tonic (which immediately lifted our spirit despite the heavy downpour outside) till the end. The beef Wellington which was cooked to perfection was my favorite, although the super tasty lobster pasta (al dente!) was no less enticing, not to mention the baked scallop with champagne sauce that you could not imagine how the sauce paired so well with the scallop without actually tasting the dish. I will surely recommend Chris' Kennel Kitchen to every food lovers. Big thumbs up! Haha, well, forgot to mention that the lovely puppies and cats were our superstars!

Mei T.

Kennel Kitchen is one of the best dining experiences that we've had.

Chef Chris is a warm and bubbly personality that we cannot help but feel all nice and fuzzy inside. We hit it off immediately with his two adorable assistants who greeted us at the door - definitely a great start. Just as we are getting acquainted with Mr Taufu the Shiba and Ms Theng Theng the Dachshund, Chef Chris surprises us with a 'welcome bottle' in light of our birthday celebration.

We eagerly got seated despite the charming furry distractions as the smells wafting through the apartment is whetting our appetite. We start with the Duck Breast Endive salad that is beautifully plated on a rustic board. Chef Chris tames the slight bitter edge of the endives with a delightfully sweet and zesty reduction that results in a perfect balance on the palate. Despite the generous portion, we still fight over the last sliver of duck breast and endive - proof of Chef Chris's prowess in the kitchen.

We follow the salad with a satisfying bowl of creamy White Onion Soup and hear our bellies moan in delight - aaaah! Pure comfort food. We are impressed with Chef Chris's flawless execution - just the right amount of cream to give the soup a rich texture but light enough that it doesn't fill you up before the main course which is the highly anticipated Beef Wellington. Chef Chris's version of this Gordon Ramsay signature dish does not disappoint. The crust is buttery and flaky, the steak is evenly cooked and very pink inside and the juice ooze when you cut it open. We wish we hadn't gorged so much on the salad and soup! To round up the night, we sample some handmade chocolate truffles with ice cream and frozen grapes over more wine while booking our next trip back to Kennel Kitchen.

Thanks Chris for a wonderful evening!

Yan Yin Yany T.

Food is awesome, all natural ingredient and well cooked; Chef is funny with laugher all night. Just try and will never regret.

My V.

We were warmly welcomed at Kennel Kitchen by Chris the chef and his wife Audrey and their furry babies Dingding, Tofu, Coffee and Ice cream. The food was absolutely on point. We had the grilled duck breast on endive salad, pumpkin soup, beef wellington and raspberry rose ice cream with crispy homemade meringue, which are all perfect for holidays. The salad is my most favorite, it was so delightful. Totally recommend this place for anyone who wants new dining experience in Hongkong!

Cynthia S.

Amazing dinner at the Kennel Kitchen!!! Ivan and I couldn't be happier. Wonderful Chef and his beautiful wife, excellent food, cozy home and adorable kiddos. Other than the mouth watering dishes, the good convos is what makes it a true social dinning experience.

Chris is very professional and cooks with passion. All his dishes are tested repetitively and as food lovers we enjoyed his sharing of cooking tips and tricks.

Hats off to Mr. & Mrs. Chris! Your cute little family drew us in, and your delicious food and convos kept us there. We will be back!

Lani T.

Had such a lovely evening at Kennel Kitchen. The food was amazing, the beef Wellington was cooked perfectly and even came with a nice welcome drink. And of course the little helpers were so much fun to play with and just adorable. Great food great company! Highly recommended

Caroline C.

Chef Chris is a great host, we really enjoy the experience

Fanny L.

This is my first PlateCulture experience. Chef Chris is very hospitable and passionate about cooking. His furry babies are super friendly too! We had a great night with great food & wines! Highly recommended to everyone if you're looking for something new! Reasonably priced with quality food & unique experience. We will be back to try his signature beef Wellington!

Dominic K.

We had a fantastic experience at Kennel Kitchen! Chef Chris was very professional, friendly and chatty. He was so thoughtful that he described his menu and also shared his cooking experience with us. The food was amazing for sure! We had a great time and will definitely come back:) We already missed his 4 little PA - Dingding, Tofu, Ice Cream & Black Coffee lol~

Minna  C.

We had a great night at Kennel Kitchen. Chris and his wife and their furry babies were all super welcoming and friendly. The food was impeccable. We began our evening with Endive salad with grilled Duck Breast. Salad was refreshing and duck breast was succulent. Then we had the silky smooth White Onion Soup with a crispy chessy toast. After that came our main which was the beef wellington. Beef was perfectly pink and juicy. It went really well with the earthy duxelle. The different yummy trimmings on the side also kept us busy. I was very curious about what the surprise dessert was. Being a super sweet tooth, I thought there wouldn't be much that could surprise me but Chris managed to do just that with the DIY truffle and frozen grape, which bore uncanny similarity to a sorbet. Washed it all down with the Port and there you have an amazing dinner. However, with all the good conversations and laughter sprinkled in between, it was definitely way more than just a meal.

Fiona H.

Hands down my favorite private dining experience ever!! :) :) I'm serious...Chris's cooking was so amazingly on point that I inhaled everything. Literally EVERYTHING. From the honey sauce infused scallops with salmon roe and mashed potato, to the white onion soup with homemade crispy garlic toast, then to the signature beef wellington with creamed corn and roasted vegetables, and to the surprise chocolate dessert! Chris was both delighted and surprised that I cleared all the plates and so was I...cause I am usually quite a fussy eater haha. It was THAT good.

Not only is Chris very passionate and creative with his dishes, but he is also very thoughtful and asked if we have any special requests or dietary needs prior to our visit.
He also shared with us some of his recipes enthusiastically and very willingly! That's definitely something you can never find in restaurants. Along with Chris's adorable pets too, of course! Like owner, like pet, they were super amicable and certainly gave us an amazing time at their home.

Will definitely visit again! :)