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Kin r. from Malaysia

About the kitchen

Love to cook for people and make sure it will taste the best. Malay food is my passion but I love to cook all kinds of cuisines that interest my taste buds. Some of the recipes I cook were passed down from my mom and within my distinct culture. Rustic traditional and hearty meal is what i want to share with the food lovers!

My kind of cooking menu forte:

*Breakfast- nasi lemak /nasi goreng kampung special/all sort of malaysian noodles

*Kenduri special-Nasi daging/minyak/tomato/beriani
dalca ayam-ayam masak-/daging air asam Merah-jelatah (acar)/rendang tok / gulai batang pisang

*Noodles-laksa utara/laksam/mee kari/mee rebus/

*Thai and indochina -lab gaai,tom yum gung,phad phed,pad phrik ,laotian beef,vietnamese spring roll,glass noodle Salad.

Masakan kampung-masak lemak cili api,rendang hitam ,sambal tumis,all sort of curry ,all sort of kerabu.

So come dine with me with a memory of good food!


  1. NameKin r.
  2. LocationMalaysiaSerendah
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Malay
  1. GuestsMaximum 2
  2. MealsLunch or Dinner
  3. House rulesNo alcohol, No smoking , Casual dress
  1. Bio

    Hi all i love to cook and would like you to taste my homefood malay cooking at its best and lil thai and indo china recipes that i learn from my chef boyfriend.

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