Leo L.

Leo's Asian & Chinese Feast

Leo L. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

Leo is an expert in Asian Seafood cuisine. He was the apprentice of celebrity chef Hugo Leung (梁文韜) and also worked with Alan Chan, the ex-executive chef of Hotel Shangri-la.

If you have the perception that traditional Chinese food is oily and the traditional Chinese seafood meals are very expensive, Leo's kitchen could change your mind! You must come to Leo's kitchen for a trial to experience an East meets West cooking style which is charged at a reasonable price.

Authentic Asian seafood cuisine, relaxing environment and enjoyable chitchat with friends which made a real "Homemade Happiness"!

**Booking over 6 persons will be served at our bigger kitchen located at Chai Wan, 5 mins walking distance from MTR. We are also providing live band facilities so that people can enjoy singing after the meals.


  1. NameLeo L.
  2. LocationHong KongCauseway Bay
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Cantonese
  1. GuestsMinimum: 4, Maximum: 16
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rules# Please book at least 2 days in advance
  1. Bio

    Leo grew up in a traditional HK family, since he was a kid his father exposed him to different cuisines in various famous restaurants. Leo's father was passionate about cooking and taught Leo how to select best ingredients for the meals. This is why Leo is in love with cooking and he continued to further study in cooking & hospitality in Australia, he even gained excellent awards during that period.

    Leo started as a chef in some Western Restaurants & Chinese Restaurants in Australia for few years. Since he came back HK, Leo has followed *Hugo Leung (梁文韜) as his apprentice. He also worked with *Alan Chan, the ex- executive chef of Shangri-la Hotel, after all these experiences, Leo became familiar in both Chinese & Asia Fusion cuisines.

    Leo由於至小已跟從喜愛飲食的父親品嘗不同國家的美酒佳餚,早已練就一張要求極高的舌頭。後來到外國留學,曾修讀酒店管理及廚術,亦曾獲得優異奬項,更在當地任職廚師幾年,回流香港的時候亦曾跟從酒店大廚製作精美的東南亞美食,更因為跟隨了食神韜哥成為他的入室弟子,承傳了不少飲食及烹調秘笈。因此Leo 精通不同國家煮食的精粹及有豐富的資料庫去創作特色菜式,總括而言是糅合了中、西及Fushion的不同的飲食文化特點。

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Value for money

Where is home restaurant located?


Kristin L.

Leo is very nice that he adjust the menu with more seasonal needs and give us extra dish. The food is all well cooked and it is not those dishes that can be commonly found in the market. We love the overall experience of eating and listening to his explanation on how the food is prepared. We had a wonderful night!

Chris N.

Leo is an excellent cook and it is obvious that he was picky about his raw materials. A pleasant experience overall, I will certainly go back in the near future.

H L.

Definitely worth a try. The food was exceptionally well for the price you pay and the host sources his own fresh ingredients and might adjust the menu accordingly if he found something better for the season. The boneless chicken was the highlight of the night, and the fried eel would be my second favourite. Overall one of the best 'home' experience I had.

Cecily C.

We are happy to try such delicate Chinese fusion feast (yet traditional to keep the best elements) at a homey environment. With the very fine food he used: abalone, fish maw, eel, lobster... he created each dish with east and west seasonings like sakura shrimp, pomegranate, pink peppercorn, paprika, Chinese wine... even the dipping for the chicken is well combined and everything is such balanced. I can't help sharing as the Chef Leo is making the dish with heart which you can hardly find in restaurants. We will come again soon!

好有 heart 的廚房男,屋企廚房煮中菜煮得有鑊氣而一點都唔油膩,中菜調味有櫻花蝦、番石榴、粉紅胡椒、甜椒粉、南薑、紹興酒... 一定要再黎!

Anthea L.

This is such an enjoyable night with great Chinese fusion food. The chef Leo is making each dish with heart and is very specialised in fine food. We will definitely come again soon!