Lina B.

Limon Chile, Modern Mexican Peruvian fusion

Lina B. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

Modern Mexican Peruvian fusion with strong influences from family recipes from Mexico and our time spend in Peru.
Our food is a perfect balance between the traditions of Mexican food with the freshness of the Peruvian dishes.
We have authentic dishes that you cannot find in HK like Slow cook pork cook in orange and achiote (Cochinita Pibil) Tomato chipotle pork stew called Tinga in Mexico ,Aguachile camaron Mexican Shrimp ceviches, causas (Peruvian dish base on potato and tuna)
We usually have menus like tazisas that is a Mexican party where you have few meat and vegetable dishes and you made your own tacos.
We have the perfect summer menu base on sea food and ceviches, o if you are a meat lover we have the perfect menu with pork and beef dishes.
Let us know if you have bigger parties as we partner with local brewery for bigger events.

Locate in midlevels with 2 lovely dogs that will be the best host.


  1. NameLina B.
  2. LocationHong KongMid-Levels
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
  1. GuestsMinimum: 2, Maximum: 8
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesAs we do have some dishes that has to be marinated overnight, we can not take bookings for same day We have 2 dogs that are part of our family, you can bring alcohol but we prefer you dont smoke
  1. Bio

    Me Colombian with a Mexican husband, we move to HK from NY I have working in lifestyle brand consultant for more than 20 years but I just love food and cook and really enjoy when people enjoy my food too.
    We love design and I cannot stop doing DIY projects some you will see when you visit our home
    Even thought I am not Mexican my Mexican friends want me to teach how to cook to their Mexican wife’s :)
    I have live in Peru for long periods in my live and travel a lot for business and there in nothing like eat a ceviche in Lima!!!! Lima is in my heart forever!!!!

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Value for money

Where is home restaurant located?


Rachel S.

My first plateculture experience and I didn't know what to expect. I booked it for 8 of us for a small event and we all loved the food. Lina and her husband were fantastic hosts but I regret our interactions were limited as our big group were so focused on our personal event.
I love Lina's DIY furniture and decor - it just really adds to the atmosphere. Hope that I can try her other menus soon and introduce other friends to her beautiful cooking. Highly recommended.

Denise W.

Great apartment, great food and a friendly dog :) This was my first time doing a Plateculture event and I enjoyed it!

Lisette S.

I would really recommend having dinner at Lina her place. Lina and her husband are really inspiring people. Lina is really creative and the dinner is decorated with her own painted cups and bowls. The food is amazing, the whole ambience was perfect. I booked this dinner as a surprise for my boyfriend his birthday. Lina offered to bake a birthday cake as well! I think visiting this place is not just only for one time, we would definitely come back here!!

Benita C.

Thanks I like the cerviche and all the food arrangement. Very good portion and I bring home some leftover food. Love the decoration as always and thanks for such a good experience.

Jacqueline H.

The ingredients are so fresh and Lina made a delicious meal for us , Lina is so helpful and making the night so wonderful .. we have an unforgettable experience

Beverly L.

We had a really satisfying meal at Lina’s. The dishes are delicious and health-conscious. We also love the home decorations and design. The hosts are welcoming and thoughtful. Lina has also made a nice chocolate and bailey birthday cake with no sugar, which is one of the best chocolate cake I have ever had!

Daphne C.

It was an unforgettable dining experience at LIMON CHILE. Lina and Hector have been the most welcoming and friendly. The food was great, the place was great, the hospitality was great, everything was just simply great, and the three adorable dogs were great too of course. Lina is a very accommodating chef. She tailor-made a vegetarian version of her menu for us, it was marvelously delicious and authentic, and the portion was unbelievably huge. She also made us some unique hand-drip coffee with her favourite Columbian beans which have a lovely cocoa finish; while Hector shared with us his favourite Mexican chili which was very spicy even I just had the tip of it.

I must say we enjoyed the conversation with the lovely couple, as well as overhearing how they jokingly fought over if Columbia or Mexico is a better place. As my friend was to have her Spanish oral exam the next day, Lina and Hector were playing an extra role that night as the trainers and we appreciated that. And a side note, with their blessings, my friend did very well in her exam.

Once again, we appreciate Lina and Hector for giving us such an enjoyable night, and we are definitely going back. We highly recommend Lina's kitchen to you who is browsing this page and reading this particular comment. Book right away before it's too late. Buen provech !!!!

Vanessa W.

Thank you chef Lina for brining Peru to HK! We love the food and the ingredients were so fresh!

Cora  C.

Thanks very much for a very refreshing meal. We love the mix of menu thought the portion probably a bit too much for a typical Asian appetite. You have such an eccentric and lovely home and we love enjoying the cuisine and your decorations.

Mimi Y.

It's clear from the moment they opened the door that Lina and her husband are naturals at hosting and we were immediately at ease in their home, whose colourful Latin American decor and funky ethnic artefacts perfectly complement the origins of the dishes.

Dining here offers an interesting opportunity to compare the contrasting Peruvian and Mexican approaches to executing one of the continent's most well-known dishes: ceviche. There's so much more going on than simply raw fish cooked in lemon juice, and - after we're asked about the level of spiciness we prefer - it's a delight to explore the distinctive textures and flavourings each offers. These are substantial and refreshing salads.

While the menu describes the elements of the dishes without fanfare, there is of course much more to know and Lina sets the scene before each arrives with some colour on the native cuisine and the the way the ingredients are used. As we move on to the imaginative presentation of mashed tuna, avocado and onion potato, it's really striking how well the various textures and spicing notes are picked out as you work through the layers. The sole hot dish, shredded chicken and avocado on a tostada, brings into play a fleeting note of sweetness that works well with the citrus and chilli spicing. The Pannacotta dessert is refreshingly fruity and light.

This was our first Plate Culture experience, and it has exceeded our expectations.

Holly R.

What a super meal and wonderful hosts.

Boni L.

The dining experience at Limon Chile was really enjoyable. The kitchen was very conveniently located, home decor was unique and food was full of flavours and refreshing. They have two friendly dogs who are really welcoming. Perfect for a hot summers day, highly recommended!

Yeni K.

We had the most authentic South American meal at Lina's house. It was delicious food and the host are superb!

Tanja S.

We absolutely loved the dinner with Lina and Hector! The place was very cool, esthetic and harmonious. It pprobably is the best South American food we found in HK. Lina and Hector know and will tell you so much about the smallest details and differences about the recipes. Seviches were different (Peru and Mexico) and really very distinctive. Delicious both!
And so was the rest of the menu, the highest quality and presentation.
It's very discrete and we were given a lot of privacy to have a nice Friday catch up between us. But then the hosts were very friendly to join us for a drink when dinner was over. They are really fun company. We can't recommend enough this dinner experience! Thank you Lina and Hector (and your sweet dogs)! We will be back.

Jose S.

Each dish was very unique and special without losing a clear origin attached to either Mexican or Peruvian cuisines. I would definitely come back!!