Maggie T.

Maggie's Fusion with Romanian Infusion

Maggie T. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

Eclectically Mediterranean, Rustically Romanian, Always Delicious
"Cooking gives us the opportunity, so rare in modern life, to work directly in our own support, and in the support of the people we feed."- Michael Pollan,Cooked
Thanksgiving every day! That’s how my family served guests and how I continue to serve meals.
Influenced by the time I lived in the Mediterranean and Turkey, I’ve learned to combine meaty, hearty cuisines with fresh vegetables and healthy grains. Keeping the robust, nourishing character of the dishes, I tweak the ingredients slightly to keep everything feeling lighter, so no one feels like they have to run the treadmill after the meal.
Romanian cuisine is not well known but is full of hidden gems. I invite you to join me and explore the free-spirited, folksy character of Romania through my kitchen.


  1. NameMaggie T.
  2. LocationHong KongWan Chai
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Romanian, Turkish
  1. GuestsMinimum: 4, Maximum: 10
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesKindly confirm booking 2 days in advanceNo smokingBYOD (bring your own drinks)No sitting on my elephant.Yes, I own an elephant
  1. Bio

    I wasn’t always passionate about food. I remember running from my Grandmother as she chased me trying desperately to get me to eat soup. But my appetite evolved and I was drawn back into the kitchenβ€”mostly by my sweet tooth which led to a love of baking.
    Growing up in Romania, the community was not simply a concept, it was a way of life. Doors were open and meals with neighbours were spontaneous affairs, and I look forward to continuing this tradition in my adopted home of Hong Kong.

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Adina S.

Maggie is an awesome cook and the loveliest of hosts. We spent a great Saturday evening with her and can't wait to be back!

Jacqueline H.

Maggie is very hospitable and she cooked with heart . The food was pre-set when we arrived, all dishes are traditional and delicious especially the appetisers, and we love the berries sorbet a lot that Maggie freshly made for us after we finished the heavy main courses. We enjoyed the dinner with colourful and floral tableware set which is awesome, and the lovely elephant is a good partner for selfie . Definitely will be back again .

Doris C.

Maggie is a very nice and pleasant host, we talked a lot and it's a great night to all of us. We enjoyed it.

Melissa Y.

Maggie's kitchen was one of my favorite PlateCulture experiences! Not only is the food delicious, fresh and unique, but Maggie is a lovely, hospitable host who made us feel right at home! We had an amazing time and would definitely love to return. My favorites were the smoked eggplant and deviled eggs.

Pw M.

Maggie is such a great host. she is very friendly and she shared many stories with us about Romanian food and culture. we have a great time. highly recommended

Polly K.

Maggie is great host! The food was good and the place was cozy and clean! We had a most enjoyable dinner there!

Benita C.

Maggie is an exceptional host with a dedicated heart to serve her guests. We have thoroughly enjoyed the dinner and her openness in showing the latest kitchen gadgets. The cooking is authentic and some of the ingredients are directly imported from Romania. The dinner was wholesome, delicious and the atmosphere is cozy. This is one of the best Plateculture experiences I have ever head and I will recommend Maggie's kitchen without any reservation.

Christelle D.

We had a spectacular night at Maggie's. Amazing and unusual food from a wonderful host.

Marcus C.

Hearty Romanian meal served by attentive and friendly host Maggie. Will come again for sure.
ps. The Rakia is amazing!

Ben L.

Not often do you get to try Romanian food in Hong Kong. Maggie is very attentive to everyone's need. All my guests had a good time. Would come back again.

Jonathan J K M.

Great food and I deliberately went out of my comfort zone to try Maggie's dishes. Great conversationalist and went further than other hosts in order to allow us to film the experience for social media purposes. Thanks again Maggie!

Wing sum T.

It was a very lovely and unique experience trying out Maggie's home cooked fusion Romanian food. A lot of the ingredients such as sausages are specially brought from Romania; all of the dishes are cooked with a lot of time and care. My favorite food is definitely the beetroot potato salad, and the cabbages rolls with pork and beef inside. The meat is very tender and flavorful.

Maggie's a great host and very friendly!and helpful. She suggested many places where we can get these ingredients, and tools.

I'll definitely think of coming back again!

Kirsten H.

Our first experience of plate culture and it was beyond our expectations. Maggie is a wonderful and attentive host with a warm home and personality that put us at ease straight away! Every dish we had was amazing and full of flavour (our favourites being the slow cooked pork and the cabbage rolls) and the explanations of each dish gave a nice little insight into Romanian culture and cuisine. I will definitely recommend to friends and thanks Maggie for a great experience :):)

Jay G.

Great food, host 'Maggie' is friendly and warm and enjoys sharing her Romanian cuisine with the gusto of a true foodie.

Laura G.

Highly recommend it if you want to experience Romanian-Mediterranean hearty meal.
Fun, loving host with a friendly personality.
Guaranteed even the most gourmand person will leave Maggie's place satisfied .
Being Romanian myself its my go-to source of traditional cuisine when i feel home sick.