Kip D.

Messy Vegetarian Cook

Kip D. from United Kingdom

About the kitchen

I'm a recipe developer and food writer. I spend a lot of time travelling, searching the globe for new recipe ideas and cooking concepts, and bring them home to recreate in my own kitchen. Thai food is my speciality, with an emphasis on dishes you are unlikely to find at your local Thai eatery. I also make my own dairy free ice cream in a multitude of flavours, and am open to flavour requests.

I love to talk excitedly about methods, ingredients, and food science, and will happily answer any questions. Your 100% vegan meal will be hosted by my other half, two cats, and me.

Sample menu:

Thai Street Eats
-Miang Takrai: Bite sized citrussy lemongrass parcels of minced coriander, aromatic mint, toasted sesame and fresh coconut, served with a tangy sweet dressing in wild pepper leaves.
-Kanom Jeen: Coils of thin noodles served with your choice of coconut based sauce: nam ya (thick and spicy) and/or nam prik (rich and sweet), accompanied by an array of side dishes to include fresh Thai herbs, vegetables, and condiments.
-Bua Loi: Glutinous rice balls in warm pandan infused sweet coconut milk.


  1. NameKip D.
  2. LocationUnited KingdomCrawley
  3. LanguagesEnglish
  1. GuestsMaximum 4
  2. House rulesNo smoking inside of the home. There are two shy but curious cats. Please feel free to bring a bottle of wine or beers to enjoy with your meal.
  1. Bio

    I'm a a freelance graphic designer, food and recipe writer, and self confessed messy cook. In addition to contributing to various publications, I am the blogger behind Messy Vegetarian Cook, where I showcase plant based recipes and write about vegan travel and food finds around the world.

    I am disorganised, dishevelled, and spill pretty much everything while I proudly wear my clumsiness as a badge of honour. My clumsiness and tendency toward clutter are personality features. My goal is to show it’s possible to eat a varied and delicious diet that is devoid of animal products while avoiding shaming and judgemental attitudes.

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