Michelle L.

Mich and her kitchen

Michelle L. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

Serving what is in season and fresh from the market. Mainly western, sometimes with Asian touches. Everything is made from scratch and MSG free. Be ready for some homemade bread and dessert.

Would be happy to arrange cakes and surprises for special occasions.


  1. NameMichelle L.
  2. LocationHong KongHung Hom
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Cantonese, Mandarin
  1. GuestsMinimum: 15, Maximum: 40
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesThere is an outdoor area for smokers. Selection of alcohols and drinks are available for purchase.
  1. Bio

    Years ago, I discovered that one of my favourite cafe serves pre-made/ frozen pasta and reheat with microwave. I was shocked and decided to cook my own fresh and healthy yet delicious meal!
    Then I just love cooking so much that I had to quit my day job and focus on becoming a full time chef.

    My cooking is majorly western but I believe cooking style shouldn't be restricted, therefore continuously testing new recipes with what's in season.

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Value for money

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Phoenix L.

love the dinner! i hosted my bf's birthday party there with 13 of my fds, the place is interesting to explore and very cozy to spend a night there. chefs are friendly and kind. i am very satisfied with the dinner overall and will definitely come back :)

Phoenix L.

it was my bf birthday party, the location is hidden gem in the midst of the concrete jungle. you open the wooden doors next to snooker table 55 and BOOM! the service was sweet, food was amazing, especially the roasted chicken. definitely come back again! thanks for having us :)

Patricia L.

Overall experience is enjoyable and the vibe is very cosy. However, the temperature of the dishes served were not hot enough. Favorite dish of the night has to the duck breast curry, very flavourful and aromatic but once again, if the temperature of the dish was warmer when served, it would be perfect! Tom Yum was a bit bland, lacking a depth of flavours, the spiciness took over all other elements of the soup.
Environment wise, the ventilation of the kitchen has room to improve, otherwise, the place is an absolute gem. Very cute decorations and laid back atmosphere to whine down to after work.

Candy L.

I like the way how we get to the place! My friends and I had a great time there.

Alex M.

great food and service!

Natalie L.

Michelle was attentive and helpful from the minute we confirmed the reservation. She tailor-made a fantastic menu with my budget. All guests were happy.

Deok Hee J.

What a mysterious place with wonderful food!
We were group of four and we invited couple who were visiting from overseas. Very tired of commercial restaurants and not so sincere services from many places, I have decided to try plate culture and this was my first experience and turned out to be fantastic evening. Food was honest,delicious and place was really unique and comfortable. We didn't realise that it was nearly 11 pm.
Michelle accommodated my request of seafood only by one guest. And she prepared mackerel fish cooked in Mediterranean way which was very nice and also the pasta dish was al dente and sauce was special with basil and one other herb which made it so refreshing!
Despite of full booking service was good and evening was really perfect!
We finished the dinner with small cheese cake and complimentary shot made of Thai Chilli and honey made us realise that we were in Asia after trip in Mediterranean places.
All the guests were very pleased with everything and I highly recommend Michelle 's kitchen to everyone.

Michelle Q.

The whole process, from communicating with Michelle on plateculture, trying to find the place, the decor inside, the food, the service. All superb. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our time there. We had such a blast in fact that I booked with Michelle again the following week again; and I'm sure I'll be going back for many more times in the future. Cannot recommend Mich's kitchen enough!

Helen S.

Both of us enjoyed the delicious food and the great environment! Food was very well-made and the portions were very well-measured. Also I very much liked how our preferences were taken into consideration and implemented! I enjoyed every bite - from fresh garden salad to creamy tomato soup, from the main course to the fantastic risotto and the dessert. The quality of food was very high. And I would personally like to highlight the attitude - very friendly, yet not folksy, very attentive, it can be seen that they really care about their guests' experience, which is absolutely great. I also enjoyed the design, the space is very well devided, even the AC is not too strong, yet refreshing and pleasant. It's one of the best food and service experiences I probably had in Hong Kong. Can't wait to come back again!

Boni L.

Mich's kitchen definitely felt like an adventure in HK. The journey getting to her kitchen was rather unusual but you'd be pleasantly surprised when you find this hidden gem. It felt like I was stepping through the wardrobe of C.S. Lewis' famous novel.

Her kitchen is spacious and relaxed, there's a roof terrace which we didn't get to use as it was raining. But it was a wonderfully secluded space in the middle of this hectic city. Maybe others will have better luck than us.

We were sat with different groups of people from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mexico. The conversation was open, diverse and sincere. It's rare to be able to chat to people about anything and nothing in a comfortable and relaxed environment where you don't feel you're rushed. Food was prepared on big plates for sharing. Seeing plates of deliciously prepared food being passed along the table reminded me of family Sunday roast. I love the idea of sharing food rather than people minding their own plates. It adds more interaction and intimacy to the whole social dining experience.

Michelle and Fish were amazing hosts with many interesting stories to share. They sat and ate with us throughout the whole evening. I would definitely want to keep in touch with them and let more people know about Mich's kitchen in Hung Hom! :)

Stephanie L.

Michelle and his husband Fish are incredible.
We enjoy very much the experience and fantastic food dining with interesting people who we met for the first time, in a long dinning table. The food are all sharing, we are all WOW by the big dishes of food prepared by Michelle.