Fatima S.

Motherland: Fusion Cuisine

Fatima S. from Malaysia


About the kitchen

Enjoy the unique tastes of the motherland :)

African food is cooked outdoors with fire wood or charcoal. My dishes are prepaped with easier methods such as braising, slow cooking, steaming, oven roasting, baking or shallow frying. All the ingredients used in African dishes have unique healing powers. Our ancestors took the preparation of food very seriously. After all, we have always celebrated every function with big feasts.Our ancestors past down prescriptions for any illness through recipes. As I grow I appreciate & honour all master healers in every kitchen.

The dishes I prepare originate from The great motherland Africa. We walk upon rich soil, rooted in magnificent cultures. We celebrate everything with food, dance & music. We love life & the company of family, there is always an excuse to gather like our ancestors did around the fire. This manifested into a culture with mastery in agriculture, cuisine & infinite knowledge of herbs and spices including all their healing powers. Then the sky was not the limit. Imagine the unique cooking styles, food staple and ingredients. The list is endless main dish staples consist of flat breads, plantain, cassava, yam, maize, millet, cassava, potatoes , and sweet potatoes etc. My favourite East African delicacy is Matooke and ground nut stew. Matooke is mashed steamed banana served with ground nut stew. Delicious flavours of home!

The nomadic tribes culture is magical. We often share platers of assorted vegetables, slow cooked stews, salads and flat breads. It is norm to sleep under the stars, that is life in the desert. Often the plater consists of more than 6 side dishes. They are served with flat breads such as Guraasa or Kisra. My favourite dishes are Fava beans also known as Foul and Bamia stew with lamb & okra.

In the West food is predominantly spicy. I'm a beginner with West African cusiune. Needless to say I love spicy food. I experiment with Nigerian cuisine. Some of the ingredients are available in Chow Kit Market. It's been fun. Nigerian cuisine has a rainbow of ingredients that stand out. The chilli is out of this world and it is safer to serve it on the side. Palm oil and smoked fish are incorporated into various dishes. Other ingredients include cray fish and ground melon seeds. A few Nigerian staples include cassava mash (Gari), pounded yam and plantain.

It is exciting to merge all the unique herbs and spices and serve ancient, timeless dishes past down for generations. I create fusions of the beautiful motherland to share with the all. Expect rainbows.


  1. NameFatima S.
  2. LocationMalaysiaKuala Lumpur
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Arabic, Rutooro
  1. GuestsMaximum 10
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesOur family is blessed with a loving 4 year old west highland terrier Oli :)
  1. Bio

    🌍 We are nomads home is where my heart is. I was born in Uganda and travelled with my beautiful family to taste the rainbow. Akiiki says "I have an international stomach". Home for now is Malaysia🌏. I love creating with all my senses🌈. Naturally I'm drawn to music, art & cooking. My favourite part eating😇, Mums an amazing cook she makes it look easy.needless to say there are no recipes. So when I crave something I call ☎️her and she cooks with me on loud speaker🔊📝📢 I must say i have it easy, old school cooking involved much more than i can possibly imagine. My aim is to recreate traditional & contemporary dishes with a fusion of African and Asian spices and herbs. The wet markets around Kuala Lumpur are amazing for fresh fruits and vegetables. I appreciate their rare unique selection of spices and herbs from West Africa.

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Salim D.

Fatima was an absolutely brilliant host - we had a great time! The communication was clear from the onset and food was delicious. We will be going back!

flavio m.

Food prepared with love and passion. Thanks Fatima !

Namrita & Preetesh D.

We had a wonderful time at Tima and Chris' s place! They were very gracious hosts. The food was excellent and we enjoyed learning about the different dishes, the preparation and family history of the food. We also found pur hosts to be people of varied interests and passionate about their work and learnt a lot from them in our conversations about music, food and life in general. Even before our meeting, Tima was very accommodating when we had to make date changes due to issues with our schedules. Overall I wouldhighly recommend this experience. Thanks Tima and Chris!

Gaik Hong O.

My husband and I have an adventurous palate and are always game to try out different types of cuisine. We chanced upon Tima's profile in Plate Culture and decided to give it a go. Even though there were initial miscommunication with the booked date, we eventually had our dining experience with Tima on 29 March. Conversations flowed easily with our gracious host as we nibbled away the spread prepared by her. Though we wish the food were a little bit spicier, we enjoyed the experience nonetheless.

Puneeta P.

We had an unexpected experience. We planned on doing a quick dinner and heading home due to the long day we had . However , we ended up staying for hours! Food was yummy and wholesome - lots for seconds - and company was equally lively!

Leng Wai A.

Tima and her boyfriend Chris are both very good host. It was my first time trying African food and I loved it very much. We shared stories about our countries, the world, cultures and a lot more! Fantastic evening, good company and good food:)


It felt as meeting old friends! Small and cozy flat and great, filling and super delicious African home cooked meals. Superb finish of the evening on the terrace of the condo with stunning view to Petronas towers!