Nancy H.

Nancy Soul's Dining

Nancy H. from Singapore

About the kitchen

Cuisine Type: Asian & Western Fusion. Artistic Nancy Soul’s dining is a private kitchen that is all about fun-filled, happy experience. I do experimental cooking with each dish coming from positive vibes and creativity combining different cuisines of the world. All dishes are prepared with heart and soul, undefined and changes from time to time depending on availability of best ingredients and seasons.

At my dinner parties, you can expect sumptuous spread of succulent dishes of 4 to 6 courses, in this soul dining experience with an energetic chef, Happy Nancy. It is a place for friends and foodies to enjoy fine dining in a cozy, comfortable and unpretentious environment.

I make simple food awesomer!

I also do BBQ that is out of this world, leaving you with an ear-to-ear grin. Keep an open mind and stomach and I am sure you would keep coming back for more! Due to my creative nature, I am good at creating dishes from the different cuisines.

My creation are typically from Cantonese, Local, Western, Italian and Asian Fusion. I usually serve sharing platters, tapas, salad and main course. Each dish is truly an experience and never the same the next time.


  1. NameNancy H.
  2. LocationSingaporeHolland Village
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Mandarin
  1. GuestsMinimum: 6, Maximum: 6
  2. MealsDinner (19:00)
  3. House rulesGuests are welcome to bring their own wine or alcohol, you could also buy the wine and drinks at SGD20 per guest, wine paring provided. No smoking inside the house, smoking allowed in the garden if you need your nicotine fix ;)
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Value for money

Where is home restaurant located?


Jeanie L.

It was our first experience in home dinning and we enjoyed very bit of it. We were at Nancy Soul Dinning for a birthday celebration and Nancy is such a great host and we just hope a bit longer but it was almost 12midnight and we have to go home. Thank you Nancy for having us and we hope to visit again.

claire n.

Nancy is an incredibly entertaining host. Really generous with her portion size and use of ingredients, my friends and i (total 5pax) had a wonderful evening in her well-designed abode. Felt really at home, would highly recommend!


It was our very 1st Private Home Chef experience & it has been marvellous one! Dinner is served hot & Chef Nancy is such a warm person who consistently check & making sure that everything is ok while she is busy with the food cooking at her stove. Her passion to share makes all dishes extra special & we emptied all the plates!! Thank you Chef Nancy for making my birthday such a memorable one with my dearest pal & you.


Is our 1st private home dining experience, and Nancy had spoil us with her standard :)
Her home is cosy & relax with nice table setting. Her fusion twist of food is creative & yummy.
The wine she serve is good and value for money. Nancy is very warm with great hospitality.
She cook the food with love and passion and we can feel it while eating.
After dinner we have a good time chatting and drinking together. An enjoyable night.

Thank you very much Nancy! We will be back for your seafood!!

Man L.

Excellent experience. Nancy has a very warm and hospitable personalities and her creations are amazing.

Yan K.

It was a magical Friday night at Nancy's place with her magical touch to the dishes we had! We all had fun eating, drinking and chatting! We were melted by her hospitality and her romantic nature;) The food served is definitely beyond our expectations and we walked away super satisfied!! It was our 1st try on "Plateculture" and we truly enjoyed the experience!! Before we end the night, we were already planning for the upcoming gathering to try her signature dish!!! Nancy, like we said, we hope to cya real soon!

Sherlene  T.

It was my virgin experience with Nancy H and I must say it was awesome!!
It felt like i was at a familiar cosy place and felt like Nancy was a long time friend!
Thoroughly enjoyed the whole session!
Everything was great! From the ambience of the place, the music, the "familiarity" and of course the wonderful host, Nancy!
I will need to write a thesis to finish describing my wonderful experience! Haha!
So, why don't you give it a try yourself??
I can guarantee you will only have regrets NOT trying it!
Will be back for more with Nancy! :)

Jill C.

Thank you for hosting us in your lovely cozy home for dinner, Nancy. You are a dexterous cook. Your homemade angel hair laksa,seared saba fish and scallop on the shell absolutely blew me away. Food were well executed, unpretentious and tasty. The ginger lemon infused drinks was simply comfortingly home hewn.

Nancy is a gracious hostess with a fun personality and an interestingly animated story teller. I don't believe she met a stranger in your life 😊.

Our party of 5 had heaps of fun!

Thank you again for a fabulous and wickedly delish evening.

Natalie C.

My friends and I had a great evening at Nancy’s. The ambience was great (love her cozy house), so was the music. Within minutes of opening our first bottle, we were already chatting away like long lost friends.

The meal was wonderful. Everything was delicious, generous portion and beautifully presented. The star of the meal, for me, was the angel hair pasta. When it was served, we were all stuffed. Still, we had multiple servings each. It's THAT good.

We decided not to BYO but to go with Nancy’s collection. No regrets. We had four bottles and they are very good wine at $50 each.

Nancy is not your typical chef. She is cheerful and she cooks with passion. I highly recommend Nancy’s soul dining. I am definitely going back.

kevin f.

Nancy's food is surprising, unique and never tried before as she infuses her skills to creatively blend ingredients and cooking styles that make it out of this world, even for a well travelled foodie group like ours. She's also a great host both prior and during the meal. Convenient location and cost home was a plus too. Best thanksgiving dinner ever!

Vinay R.

If you have been browsing which chef to go with for your home chef experience, then look no further. We arrived at Nancy's not knowing what to expect - it was going to be a surprise, and it turned out to be even better than we could have imagined. The ambience was perfect, and the food was absolutely amazing. With multiple dishes served, we got to experience many varieties of food and left Nancy's absolutely full! Give Nancy's Soul Dining a go - you won't be disappointed!

Kerry T.

My girlfriends and I thoroughly enjoyed the AWESOME dinner cooked by Nancy. She is a fantastic hostess and chef and we went home with a stuffed belly. I am surprised we could still walk out of her house. Nancy whipped up so many memorable dishes, to name a few such as the herbal soup, white wine mussels, asparagus and chicken rendang spaghetti. The food portions were so generous and well paced out, allowing us to slowly enjoy the company and delicious food.

We also made new friends with two Germans who were in Singapore on business. They regaled us with their views about spore and we had a great time understanding each other's culture. All in all, everything was a blast.

Nancy has been most gracious and gorgeous. Her energy is unstoppable. The creativity and details she puts into creating those dishes which we truly appreciate. From using a specific pepper (not found in Singapore) to fresh ingredients, the meal was truly truly value for money. We will definitely be back for more and also to spread the good word around.

Thank you Nancy!

Monica J.
Monica J.

You know that someone is a good host when she welcomes you with a big grin and a beer at hand. Nancy, being a full time life coach, has the ability to break the ice. I had the pleasure of meeting 3 of her repeat customers and they vouch for her culinary consistency, which is their reason for coming back time and time again. Nancy puts in a lot of effort into her food. Her previous experience included owning her own wine bar and to her, presentation and taste are key. The table was beautifully set and the ambience kept clean and cozy. She was particular with using different wine glasses for different wines and different plates for different courses. I had a wonderful 5 course meal that included: stuffed mushroom with prawn and minced pork, japanese wafu salad, ginseng chicken soup, stewed pork and garlic prawn in olive. Not to mention several glasses of perfectly selected wine.

Besides just hosting, she also shared her best kept recipes readily during the meal. Nancy has plenty of culinary skills to share, i.e. less repeats in her cooking. All in all, Nancy is a warm and wonderful host who takes pride in her home and cooking!

Jefferson Yap
Jefferson Yap

Having dinner at Nancy Soul's Dining was a real treat for the five of us and our taste buds. Basically all the dishes were punctuated with matching wine selections, all artfully presented, creative, and prepared fabulously. Chef Nancy has a special ability to establish an instant rapport with her guests, helping them to get the most out of the experience, without at any point becoming a drag. We really had a memorable night and believe we'll be sure to go back and would certainly recommend the place to anyone open to the home-dining experience. Thumbs up to Nancy Soul's Dining!

Jefferson Yap