Theo-man A.

Papa Theo-man's Healthy Turkish Food

Theo-man A. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

My cuisine is based on Turkish home cooking with modernised recipes. My food is mostly what I have learned from my mother and from my instructors in school.

Every dish on the menu is to share. We have two kids (3,5 and 5), they will be around until 8-8:30 pm. Guests can bring their own drinks. Bring containers and take all leftovers home!

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  1. NameTheo-man A.
  2. LocationHong KongFortress Hill
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Turkish
  1. GuestsMaximum 10
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesNo smoking. Dinner ends at 10:30 PM. We have two kids and a small puppy. Kids go to bed around 8 and our puppy won't come to the dining area. They all behave very well. :)
  1. Bio

    Why the name Papa Theo-man? Because I will only serve you food that is good enough for my two sons to eat!

    I am from Turkey! The land of great food and amazing home dinners! I studied Tourism and Hotel Management and worked in Service Industry for more than 20 years!

    I never worked in a professional kitchen but I managed few restaurants and F&B outlets in Turkey. I worked in Thailand, Dubai, Australia and China as well.

    Cooking is biggest passion and hobby of my life. I have been cooking for myself, friends and my family for many years. I pride myself in making everything by myself and from scratch; even the beef stock and tomato sauce that goes on top of your meatballs is personally made by me.

    Two years ago I started home cook business in China and now I moved to Hong Kong! It's time to invite Hong Kong to my dining table!

    Whatever I cook for you, rest assured that it will taste authentically and have you coming back for more!

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Niki J.

We had an excellent night at Papa Theo-Man's kitchen - he was a fantastic host, and his food was hearty and delicious (and there was plenty of it!). I would absolutely recommend this experience to a friend.

Jinhee K.

My second time to try his cooking: Homemade Turkish cuisine with lots of healthy options and fresh taste.

Not only various choice of fresh vegitables with chef's special homemade yougurt sauce, also roasted chicken & grilled kebab with full of rich flavor (very juicy!) are definitely the highlight among those great dishes! Since the portion of each dish waa pretty big for 6 of us, we took the left food away back home which was another fun part of his private kitchen!:)

I will definitely be happy to come back and try again with other friends soon!

Jane T.

Best Turkish food I have ever tried, we loved everything from the menu and great vibe.

Jessica N.

Theo-man was a very jovial, gracious and accommodating host. His love for the craft and for his guests is evident as he patiently described each dish before service. We dined on the chicken, which he picked out that morning from the local market and marinated for 12 hours prior to dinner. Many of his ingredients were imported from Turkey, including the amuse bouche of toasted chickpeas and roasted olives. He entertained us with tales about his storied past, which included 15 years of experience in the kitchen, including a stint in China, tales that I'll leave for him to share. Theo-man will be one of the main reasons to make a trip to Singapore when he opens his restaurant in a few years time.

Camilla M.

A delicious home cooked meal. We left with full bellies and enjoyed the night immensely.
Would recommend Theoman's cooking to anyone!

Sara Y.

Dinner was fabulous! Must try the lentil soup, bulgar wheat rice ravioli and the yogurt...We even had some Turkish desserts afterwards which was a perfect final touch to the din. :) Getting to know the chef and his experience with food was fun too!

Maria Soledad R.

The best dinner I had in Hong Kong! Amazing quality, brilliant taste and a warm experience. All the food was delicious, with rounded, balanced flavours and the best, most fresh ingredients. It was also super abundant! And we felt like home. I not only recommend it but say "you can't miss it". We will be coming back soon. Thanks for such a wonderful night!

Kimmy K.

Food was magnificent! It was authentic, flavourful, and just something you can't get anywhere else in HK! We enjoyed Teos company he is fun and knowledgable about different cultures. Will highly recommend it to friends and family.

Karl F.

Papa Theo's Turkish restaurant was amazing. I really miss authentic Turkish food and haven't had something this good since Turkey.

We had the modern Turkish meal and it was delicious . Chef Theo imports his ingredients from Turkey, with the exception of the chicken that is bought fresh each day at 7am then marinated for 12 hours. The little black olives were the best I have had. The starters were great and Theo's versions of Turkish staples hummus, baba ganoush, green bean salad and shepherd's salad we all first class. All were cooked to perfection, the flavour of theingredients was kept and complimented each other.

The main courses were to die for. I couldn't tell you if my favourite was the chicken (even better than the picture) or the meatballs. I know you may say chicken is chicken and meatballs are meatballs, but these were perfect. The chicken was soft and juicy, marinated for 12 hours, cooked at 150c for 60 minutes with crispy skin. The meatballs were fresh, the tomato sauce jumped out with lively flavours and the cheese in it slightly sour to freshen the flavours. We had a vegan in our group too and he prepared an extra dish for her plus the food is very compatible with vegetarians/vegans.

The wine and Turkish coffee were excellent too.

Chef Theo was an amazing host. The room was lovely, he made us feel at home. Totally professional, but attentive and ready to tell us the recipe, answer questions on ingredients. He made us feel welcome and comfortable and if a great guy.

All of my friends felt the same. I recommend Chef Papa Theo to everyone on Plate Culture.

David H.

6 of us shared a fantastic evening with Theo-man; beautifully prepared food, made from scratch, with Theo explaining each dish and the origin of the ingredients. A fabulous night which we'd recommend to anyone looking for a relaxed and enjoyable evening!

Bonia B.

Food was amazing and Theo is super friendly. I especially love the chicken and the homemade hummus. It is very authentic Turkish food compared to any Turkish restaurants you can find in HK. Thank you for making my birthday meal super special. Would definitely go back and try a different menu with more friends next time! Thanks a lot

Flora K.

We enjoyed the traditional Turkish dinner at Theo-man's Kitchen very much. A special dining experience in a crowded city - Hong Kong. It is also a pleasure to meet his energetic children. It won't be our last time in Plate Culture. Thanks for the delighted night :) Lezzetil !! :)

Francois F.

it was our first experience with Plate Culture, and it will definitively not be the last one ! Many thanks to Theo, food was really excellent, with this home-made feeling, all fresh. Theo is a wonderful host, and we had great pleasure speaking with him about his experience and his own country. His family is very nice, and i just would like to apologize to his two young boys as we did not really pay a lot of attention to them , while they were very quietly playing in the same room when we had our diner.
Theo, really, Merci, it was a wonderful evening!

Hana W.

I went to Papa Theo's with 5 girls - it was my girls' first ever Plate Culture experience so they were thrilled to try it out. Theo was wonderfully friendly, cool (DJ cool!) and most importantly he made amazing food! We especially love his balcony grown salad, smooth juicy chicken and rich beef meat ball!! We surely had a very fun night eating, drinking and dancing with Theo's two super duper adorable and energetic baby sons - they are his best PR! Absolutely fun foodie night and we are already planning our next visit!!!!

Josh B.

Theo's hospitality and warmth were fantastic. It was a different way to spend a Friday evening in HK. Nice and relaxing. He serves great Turkish comfort food. You definitely won't leave hungry. Good value.

Reply from  thank you very much! come again neighbour! :)