Theo-man A.

Papa Theo-man's Healthy Turkish Food

Theo-man A. from Hong Kong


About the kitchen

My cuisine is based on Turkish home cooking with modernised recipes. My food is mostly what I have learned from my mother and from my instructors in school.

Every dish on the menu is to share. We have two kids (3,5 and 5), they will be around until 8-8:30 pm. Guests can bring their own drinks. Bring containers and take all leftovers home!

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  1. NameTheo-man A.
  2. LocationHong KongFortress Hill
  3. LanguagesEnglish, Turkish
  1. GuestsMaximum 10
  2. MealsDinner
  3. House rulesNo smoking. Dinner ends at 10:30 PM. We have two kids and a small puppy. Kids go to bed around 8 and our puppy won't come to the dining area. They all behave very well. :)
  1. Bio

    Why the name Papa Theo-man? Because I will only serve you food that is good enough for my two sons to eat!

    I am from Turkey! The land of great food and amazing home dinners! I studied Tourism and Hotel Management and worked in Service Industry for more than 20 years!

    I never worked in a professional kitchen but I managed few restaurants and F&B outlets in Turkey. I worked in Thailand, Dubai, Australia and China as well.

    Cooking is biggest passion and hobby of my life. I have been cooking for myself, friends and my family for many years. I pride myself in making everything by myself and from scratch; even the beef stock and tomato sauce that goes on top of your meatballs is personally made by me.

    Two years ago I started home cook business in China and now I moved to Hong Kong! It's time to invite Hong Kong to my dining table!

    Whatever I cook for you, rest assured that it will taste authentically and have you coming back for more!

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Jeremy C.

I had a really good experience with PaPa's home kitchen. I went home with a very satisfied full tummy. All dishes were homemade and tasty . Very comfortable environment, clean and tidy. I will definitely return and recommend to more of my friends. :)

Reply from  thank you very much Jeremy! :)

Betty L.

What a truly wonderful, Turkish, gastronomical experience. Thank you Papa Theo-Man for preparing such an authentic home cooked meal. My friends and I enjoyed every dish and your hospitality. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants a taste of Turkey.

Reply from  Thank you very much Betty!

Hermione T.

Theo's traditional Turkish dinner was excellent! Food was authentic, fresh and made from scratch. We were particularly impressed with the homemade chicken broth. The homemade yogurt beetroot salad was amazing too. Also, Theo does his skewers on a mini kebab machine.. Wow! And his home is really clean, bright and comfy, which makes it perfect for gatherings.

Reply from  Thank you very much and hoping to serve you again soon!

Reda S.

I was amazed by all the authentic Turkish dishes and such a huge variety during our lunch. All dishes tasted heavenly and at the same time were super fresh and light. Theo-man is putting so much effort in every single dish he makes. He aims to keep them authentic and at the same time improve them by changing some ingredients to healthy ones. Especially enjoyed crispy chicken which was marinated for 12 hours in Turkish yogurt which Theo-man does it himself.
Theo-man was hosting people for Turkish feast for 10 years in Shanghai and you can easily tell this from his experience and so many Turkish equipments in his kitchen as machine for kebabs or Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee with sweets was delightful and reminded me of the holidays in Turkey :)
I would recommend this experience to a person who wants to taste Turkish cuisine in all the senses - from the amazing food to the stories Theo-man is sharing eagerly!

Reply from  Thank you very much Reda! Hope to see you again soon!

Mandy S.

Fabulous night with friends. We had the veggie option and it was delicious. So much food that we couldn't finish. Theoman went out of his way to get us some baklava! His family was super friendly too. Would definitely go again.

Reply from  Thank you very much Mandy!

Helene C.

I just had a dinner at Chef Papa Theo's and really enjoyed it. Theo's home is welcoming with a big living/dining room with an open plan kitchen that allowed us to chit chat while he was preparing the dishes. I actually shared the table with his family, it was very pleasant. His 2 boys (future boxers) are very cute & energetic! The food was all i expected from the previous reviews i read: excellent!
The chicken soup (with vegetables and vermicelli) with home made chicken broth was full of flavour... i would have asked for more but i knew many dishes were coming up! The great texture and not overly garlicky taste of Papa Theo's classic Hummus went pretty well with the warm lavash bread. The beetroot salad was surprisingly good, when i saw the dish i did not think i would have liked the mix with the homemade yogurt but I actually did! My favorite dishes of the night: the tender and juicy roasted chicken marinated for hours in his secret goooood. I'll try to extort his recipe... and the Saksuka (fried veggies with home made tomato sauce), i simply could not get enough of it. I definitely recommend Chef Papa Theo's turkish kitchen, you won't be disappointed. Tips: better to skip lunch on the day you go...
Thanks Theo, i'll be back!

Stephanie S.

Our group of 4 thoroughly enjoyed a Wednesday evening dinner with Chef Papa Theo-man! It doesn't get better than enjoying clean, home cooked food together with meeting new people. 2.5 hours flew by and before we knew it, we were stuffed full of food and reluctantly staring down the last few meatballs whose challenge of plenty we failed to meet. The chicken was perfectly seasoned and cooked - tender, juicy and flavorful. The meatballs were optionally topped with melting goat cheese which paired beautifully with the flavor of the meat and the sauce. If we hadn't been so full, we would have licked the bowls of hummus and babaganoush-esque dips clean. And I couldn't get enough of the bulgher rice, refraining from drinking water so the volume of rice I ate would not further expand in my stomach. I would love to learn to make all of Chef Theo's dishes, but at least plan to return again for dinner. Thank you, Chef, and thanks to your beautiful family for hosting us.

Reply from  hello Stephanie! thank you very much again!!!

Addiped C.

We had a great time with Teo and the traditional turkish meal was delicious. Everything on the menu was made from scratch and he even had a homemade kebab machine which made a really healthy beef kebab. Teo was the perfect host and his family are lovely - his sons are absolutely adorable. An overall five star experience!

Eugene S.

Family home in North Point made this experience all the more positively homey and intimate, making us feel that the host was not only preparing a fabulous home-made meal but also inviting us onto his family table.

Food was both delicious and wholesome, with each bite explained in just the right detail of how Theo-man had enhanced the traditional recipe. Speaking of advanced, we all agreed that every bite was delectable, even dishes which each of us naturally would not have been drawn to. French Beans using raisins instead of sugar...amazing. Chicken, meatballs, hummus and baba ghanoush-like dip were all excellent, capped by beautiful pistachio chocolates.

Host Theo-man is worthy of a return visit for his charming hosting, friendly family environment as well as the great food we all genuinely wished we could have had more of if we could have guaranteed we would wake up the next day before 2pm.

Melissa Y.

We (a group of 8) dined at Papa Theo-man's kitchen last night. Food was delicious, fresh, and authentic. Favorites included the hummus, baba ganoush, beans, and the meatballs. Papa Theo-man prides himself on sourcing quality ingredients, and this was really evident in the food. The only thing I would have improved is perhaps serving warm, toasted pita bread instead of cold pita bread.

Reply from  Hello Melissa! Thank you very much for your review. You are totally right about the bread! sorry about it!

Cynthia P.

We had a lovely evening. Delicious, wholesome, home cooked Turkish food. The roast chicken was fall off the bone tender with wonderful crispy skin, so good. Papa Theo-man is a lovely host. Super friendly and accomodating and his two sons are adorable. Would definitely do this again!

Reply from  Hello Cynthia! Thank you very much for your review and say hi to your friends! Hope to see u again soon!

Emily L.

The only way to get home-cooked, authentic Turkish food in HK! My favourites were the meatballs, lentil soup and green beans. In classic Turkish style, the table was stocked full of small plates for everyone to share and get more or less of what they wanted.

Theoman's family is wonderful -- I had great conversation with him while he was cooking, enjoyed his kid's company (they were super energetic after coming back from the park!) and particularly enjoyed chatting with his wife when she got home from work.

All in all, a recommended experience to chat with some locals and enjoy a delicious Turkish meal!

Reply from  Hello Emily! Thank you very much for coming and great review! Good luck with ur job hunting!

Ron C.

What a fantastic experience. All dishes are very delicious especially the roasted chicken and meatballs. Great friendly chef and we have a very nice conversation over food and music.

Reply from  Hello Ronnie! Thank you very much :)

Kelvin C.

We were Chef Theo-man's first ever guests. The food was very tasty and there was plenty of it. All sorts of Turkish dishes that you don't find in kebab shops. The meatballs were particularly yummy. And it was interesting to learn of the chef's interesting backstory: he also works on the side as a techno DJ and regaled us with tales of how he regularly jets off to Shanghai to spin the decks. If there was one thing we would complain about, it was not about the food but rather that the dining chairs were a bit hard, but perhaps this can be rectified with some cushions for the next guests.
Also, we can confirm that his young sons did make an appearance at one point before going to bed.